AppDynamics and ThousandEyes extend complete visibility and collaboration across your entire application ecosystem

March 30 2021

Say goodbye to silos and gain end-to-end application delivery chain visibility. It’s time to take back control with AppDynamics and ThousandEyes.

It’s a new world. From ordering basic necessities to working remotely to staying connected with family and friends, an average of 65% of customer interactions are digital* — and consumers have zero tolerance for poor performance. They expect seamless, hassle-free experiences. In fact, as many as two-thirds (66%) say they would avoid even trying a brand with a subpar reputation.

It’s clear: Delivering exceptional experiences isn’t optional — it’s critical.

Increasingly, however, businesses don’t have full control over the technology needed to make them a reality. Performance hinges on ever more complex and unpredictable application delivery chains comprised of the public internet and third-party networks, cloud services and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Beyond the application delivery chain, the personnel responsible for maintaining and supporting the technology are often siloed and saddled with disparate management tools. The result is finger-pointing, large war room escalations and increased mean time to innocence (MTTI)/resolution (MTTR).

So, how can you provide world-class experiences at scale in complex ecosystems while meeting the ever-increasing demands of the digitally native user? With ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio.

Introducing ThousandEyes Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio

AppDynamics has always provided you with deep visibility into your application environment, allowing your IT teams to proactively monitor the performance of infrastructure, service tiers and business transactions. But ThousandEyes Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio takes observability a step further, expanding your view to the internet and third-party networks, cloud services and APIs outside your control.

The end result is the most comprehensive, in-depth visualization of your entire application delivery chain available.

In the words of Hari Vittal, Senior Engineer at FICO and AppDynamics customer, “While most organizations are powerless to respond to third-party connectivity issues, AppDynamics and ThousandEyes gives us unprecedented visibility into every app and service we run as well as letting us track network traffic hops inside and outside of our environment. Together, they provide a roadmap for resolving performance and connectivity issues inside and outside of our network quickly, thoroughly and proactively to keep our whole environment running at peak performance.”

A powerful, single pane of glass view across your application delivery chain

This native integration of network and internet performance metrics from ThousandEyes, the industry-leading internet and cloud intelligence platform, into AppDynamics Dash Studio, our next-generation dashboarding experience, enables IT teams to:

  • Visualize end user, application, hybrid cloud and internet performance data in one place.
  • Cross-launch ThousandEyes seamlessly with a single click and gain deeper insights.
  • Promote collaboration between AppOps and NetOps teams to improve efficiency.


Isolate network issues with evidence from the application side

With ThousandEyes Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio, AppOps teams can easily isolate application performance issues from underlying network disruptions with evidence.

It allows them to:

  • Correlate application and business performance data with network and internet performance metrics.
  • Determine whether external dependencies or internet vulnerabilities caused a problem.
  • Troubleshoot more effectively using network diagnostic information in ThousandEyes.


AppDynamics Dash Studio dashboard with correlated AppDynamics data and ThousandEyes metrics

The integrated AppDynamics Dash Studio dashboard displays correlated AppDynamics data and ThousandEyes metrics.

Triage with application and business context from the network side

Details collected using ThousandEyes Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio and shared by AppOps teams allow NetOps teams to triage network issues with application and business context.

They can:

  • Prioritize network incidents based on business impact.
  • Dive deeper in ThousandEyes to analyze root causes using network path and hop-by-hop metrics.
  • Collaborate with AppOps teams to reduce MTTI/MTTR and application downtime.


ThousandEyes UI with network and internet incident data

The ThousandEyes user interface (UI) provides rich network and internet incident data.

Visualize comprehensive data without a complex setup process

As shown in the video below, it only takes a few clicks in the UI to create an AppDynamics Dash Studio dashboard with ThousandEyes intelligence once you add your ThousandEyes token to AppDynamics.

You simply select the AppDynamics and ThousandEyes variables that matter most to you, and the system immediately displays the correlated, real-time data on your screen.

End-to-end application and network monitoring in the real world

Let’s imagine that your company relies on a business-critical distributed cloud application to process insurance policy applications and customer payments. On the application side, the external payment processing API experiences an increase in response time. Simultaneously, an increase in latency occurs as traffic travels from your data center to the payment gateway on the network side. If your IT teams relied on application monitoring tools, they would be siloed and unable to easily determine whether a correlation exists between the two issues, resulting in wasted time and resources and increased MTTI/MTTR.

Fortunately, with ThousandEyes Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio, your AppOps and NetOps teams have end-to-end visibility across your full stack. This allows them to quickly trace the source of these issues to the public internet.

But they don’t stop there. To dig deeper, your AppOps team seamlessly cross-launches to ThousandEyes where your NetOps team has set up tests that continuously validate the payment processing API from multiple strategic locations, including within your cloud or on-prem data center. The platform provides hop-by-hop metrics of the path that traffic takes across the internet to the payment gateway, and the teams work together to quickly identify the root cause of the higher application response time and network latency as a suboptimal route.

High-level depiction of suboptimal internet route between a data center and a payment API

Now a team member creates a Share Link — a link to a read-only, interactive ThousandEyes test results web page that anyone who has it can view — and provides it to the payments team so they can work to resolve the problem with your business’s third-party payment vendor.

Finally, your teams verify that both application and network performance tools are above the established baselines on the AppDynamics Dash Studio dashboard, and everyone moves on to the next challenge that awaits.

The bottom line — your bottom line

Applications are now the business and digital experiences are the new currency. A hit to performance is a hit to your reputation and your bottom line.

ThousandEyes Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio provides complete visibility across your entire application ecosystem, helping you to end the blame game between AppOps and NetOps teams and enabling you to compete and thrive in today’s increasingly digital world.

Are you ready to keep an “Eye” on your experiences?

It’s time to take back control of your digital experiences.

ThousandEyes Intelligence in AppDynamics Dash Studio is now generally available to our customers — learn how to enable the integration (existing joint customers) or schedule a live demo with one of our network monitoring experts today.


* Source: McKinsey & Company,, accessed March 29, 2021.


Wei Li is a product marketing manager who specializes in application security and network visibility technologies. At AppDynamics, she helps bring leading-edge innovations to our customers, providing them with powerful, end-to-end observability across their networks and hybrid cloud environments. Wei received an MBA from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

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