A Holiday Greeting in Verse

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‘Twas nearly 2011, a brand-new year
But app owners stared sadly at their beer.

They had a problem, and it seemed just enormous
They craved a surefire solution to application performance.

Let’s face it: distributed apps are hard to maintain
Blind spots and errors cause no end of pain!

So here at AppDynamics we created 5 Golden Rules
Of application strategies, approaches, and tools.

1. Before you pony up your budget to spend
Make sure your visibility is wide (we’re talking end to end).

2. When problems occur, you’re bound for destruction
Unless you can go deep-on-demand–and yes, that means in production.

3. Your environment changes often, but no need to panic
As long as your monitoring tool is straight-up dynamic.

4. In a distributed world, you’ll be driven to distraction
Unless you keep a tight focus on business transactions.

5. Leave aside the hype–and not to follow the crowd–
But one day might you need monitoring and provisioning in the cloud?

It would be nice to do all of this quickly, with easy install
And hardly any overhead…really, hardly any at all.

Just food for thought, as we greet a new year
Memory leaks and response times should not cause you fear.

So we wish you good health, and a year that’s less frantic
Yours very truly…your friends at AppDynamics.