How to Build & Support a 5-Star Mobile App: Future Proofing Mobile App Strategy [VIDEO]

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How do you plan for your apps future and ensure delivering a 5-star mobile app experience. Watch the Video.

How can you plan and strategize your mobile app for the future? In the fifth, and final part of our video series, How to Build & Support a 5-Star Mobile App, we discuss how to ensure the future quality of your app and maintain success. Hopefully, you’ve put, or are planning to put, into practice what we’ve already established as necessary to build and support a 5-star mobile app.

If you haven’t seen the other parts of the series, Mobile Application Strategy Identifying Mobile OpportunitiesEnsuring the Quality of the Mobile App Experience, and Using Key Metrics to Optimize Mobile App Strategy, check them out now!

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Peter Kacandes

Peter Kacandes

Peter has over 16 years in the tech industry, focusing on mobile applications. He's worked for top tech companies including Actuate, Sony Ericsson, Adobe, and Sun Microsystems.