Cisco drives application visibility and business outcomes with AppDynamics

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Being on the frontline of digital enterprise builds a solid foundation towards pioneering innovative methods to advance your business–but it also entails simplifying complex processes and high volumes of data on a day to day basis. As the reigning leader in IP-based networking products and services, Cisco Systems provides a range of products and services for transmitting data, video, and voice around the world. Its Security Cloud Operations team, responsible for mapping Cisco Cloud Web Security performance and capacity, takes on over 250 million threats per day, acting quickly to make sure processes are run seamlessly.

With the sheer volume of data within its existing systems, Cisco also began to factor in an increase in users, increasing daily transactions from 5.5 billion to over 6.37 billion. The onset of dramatic growth for the group meant Cisco needed an effective method to scale and manage traffic, without sacrificing execution or efficiency.

The ideal solution pointed only to the innovation and power behind AppDynamics’ Application Performance Management (APM) solution. After completing an effective proof-of-concept, AppDynamics rolled out across Cisco’s 23 data centers within one week. The results were almost immediate; their rate of alerts/year from standard monitoring tools (including false positives) fell dramatically as baselines were set to identify the right problems and create a data-driven strategy to troubleshoot and filter critical issues. AppDynamics’ end-to-end visibility and accessibility provided network operators with the data to make more informed decisions and act within minutes to fix functionality.

Now, with the extensive visibility and accelerated performance that AppDynamics’ APM provides, Cisco is able to address issues that were not even discoverable before. Cisco also gains an increase in effective collaboration among employees, with the introduction of a common language between operations, development, and test–all of which drives them towards creating a DevOps model for the growing team.

By leveraging the capabilities of AppDynamics, Cisco is able to maintain and accelerate its business, due to the low-overhead requirements to roll out APM services across a global infrastructure. It also gains extensive visibility from conception to resolution of issues, while scaling to a adjust to a constantly expanding user base. With the ideal tools and implementation in place, Cisco and AppDynamics work together, creating more opportunity to optimize volumes of data into actionable information, and collectively towards a future in digital enterprise.

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Saba Anees

Saba Anees

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