EMA Report: The Need for Unified Monitoring [INFOGRAPHIC]

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One of the first things I learned when I started working in application intelligence was how central the application economy is to connecting components like code, data, and design, with concepts like IoT. Applications drive the network between enterprise and their end-users. As its economy skyrockets, the back-end requirements to scale that growth clearly require the right APM solution with unified monitoring capabilities to ensure seamless transaction and performance throughout workflow processes. 

We partnered with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) to understand more about this ecosystem, and the pain points observed by the professionals who build and optimize it.

One of the findings from the survey was extremely striking: The survey of over 300 application management professionals found that only 30% of companies have properly adopted application-specific solutions utilizing unified monitoring. The majority are still trying to manage complex applications within their ecosystem using siloed and underutilized tools. That leaves 65% of organizations who need over 3 hours to troubleshoot application problems–of which only 27% are detected overall. 

Find out more about the EMA’s research and insights with the full report on APM and Unified Monitoring at You can also read my colleague Anand Akela’s insights into the report here.

EMA Infographic: Unified Monitoring from AppDynamics

Saba Anees

Saba Anees

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