Good to Great: The eCommerce Metrics that Matter in 2016 [Webinar]

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Question: when was the last time you stopped by the store to plan out your shopping? Now, when was the last time you opened the store’s website or mobile app to plan your shopping?

It’s more than likely your consumers are reliant on your software applications, rather than your storefront, to complete their buyer journey. This means Retail IT and e-commerce teams are continually faced with the task of identifying and applying the most useful metrics –  that align with business goals, focus on performance, and ultimately deliver an ideal experience to their customers.

According to research we conducted, over half of 1,000 smartphone users surveyed would be more inclined to physically visit a store if they provided an app experience with localized, personal offers when they were nearby. The study also found that a third of customers would avoid shopping with a retailer if they had a negative experience with its app or mobile app. Over 68% of consumers state that the performance of a mobile app impacts their perception of a retailer. Mobile apps play an increasingly important role in consumers’ lives with 70% of consumers surveyed making more than a quarter of purchases online, according to the study. In fact, 20% of those surveyed admitted to making purchases on their phone at work in front of their computer.

Today, retailers need more than just extensive information on their consumers and market. They need to be able to connect that data into insights in order to drive the seamless, omnichannel experience that consumers now consider the new standard of shopping. Today’s web and mobile applications offer a wealth of performance and business data but it could all be useless unless specific, actionable decisions can be made from it. It’s critical to have the most useful — rather than simply the most accessible — information available to make accurate and fast decisions.

Join AppDynamics and Forrester Research to learn about the opportunities available to retailers today when it comes to better aligning your enterprise goals to your customers’ needs. Special guest Sucharita Mulpuru from Forrester Inc. explains which retail metrics make the difference between being average and being exceptional, and how you can use them to enhance customer experience (and your bottom line). Register today for the live webinar, or view on your own time with the on-demand link. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Saba Anees

Saba Anees

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