Meet us at ApacheCon Asia and learn how to use OpenTelemetry™ for web server observability

July 14 2022

Learn more about our new, open source observability module for the Apache HTTP Server powered by OTel now available and watch a demo at ApacheCon Asia.

When AppDynamics looks at OpenTelemetry (OTel), we not only see it as a set of APIs and SDKs that enable telemetry generation and collection for popular programming languages, we see it as lingua franca for full-stack observability: OTel traces, metrics and logs should not only from your custom build applications but from all the building blocks of your application stack – including your web servers sitting in front or in between your services.

Because of that, our engineers created an observability module for the Apache HTTP Server, powered by OTel. This module enables tracing of incoming requests to the server and has capabilities to capture the response time of many modules involved, such as an incoming request. With this, you can identify delays in execution or errors for any modules involved in a request.

To strengthen the whole OpenTelemetry community, we made this module open source and donated it back to the community. This means you can not only make use of this module with AppDynamics for OpenTelemetry or AppDynamics Cloud, but you can also have a look at the source code or help to make it better!

Learn how to use the OpenTelemetry module for the Apache HTTP Server from AppDynamics software engineer, Debajit Das at the OpenTelemetry blog on how to instrument Apache HTTP Server with OpenTelemetry.

Or, attend the virtual ApacheCon Asia July 29 – 31, where we’ll be presenting and demonstrating our solution.

Severin Neumann is a product manager with AppDynamics. He joined AppDynamics in 2016 as a sales engineer, where he not only helped customers validate the value of the AppDynamics solution but also created an open source tool called DemoMonkey that is used to tailor demos to our customers’ needs. In his previous role as domain architect for dynamic languages, he assisted account teams all over the world with his 20 years of expertise in software engineering. In 2021 Severin joined the product organization, where he is driving and coordinating Cisco AppDynamics’ contributions to the project and our engagement with the community.

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