Optimize Your Applications: The Application Performance Management Guided Tour

March 29 2017

Learn how AppDynamics Application Performance Management drives better digital experiences. Take the Guided Tour today.

“Seeing is believing” is how the old proverb goes. When it comes to the world of application optimization, this saying has never been more true.

In order to believe an online platform can help you manage and optimize the performance of your applications with mapping, dynamic baselining, and code-level diagnostics, first you have to see it.

Now you can with the Application Performance Management Guided Tour. Whether you’re passionate about optimizing customer experience or simply have a natural curiosity to see how technology works, the APM Guided Tour will help you discover how to ensure the success of your applications.

Utilize APM More Efficiently

Discover a more efficient way to monitor application performance with a simple step-by-step journey into the benefits of APM including:

  • Real-time performance visibility
  • Dynamic baselining
  • Diagnostic efficiencies
  • Controlled deployment, management, and scale

Sneak Peek into Data Visualization

See the benefits of application mapping and understand how automatic visualization of data leads to informed insights of:

  • Customer journeys
  • App performance
  • Key business transactions

Familiarize Yourself with the User Interface

Experience the interface firsthand and learn how to navigate complex applications with ease:

  • Intuitive user dashboard
  • Streamlined maintenance
  • Role-based access

AppDynamics Application Performance Management ensures your production apps performance always meet employee and customer needs. Discover how you can drive better digital experiences and start the tour today.

AppDynamics Team

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