Why Is APM Important? Breaking Down the Benefits

Let’s face it: Our lives revolve around applications. We use them to engage and transact with our customers, to drive our productivity at work, in our downtime to stream videos, browse the internet, and stay connected with friends and family. And we expect them to perform flawlessly every time. Think about the last time you […]

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Better Together: Align Application and Infrastructure Teams with AppDynamics and Cisco Intersight

Today’s consumers turn online for everything from ordering groceries to filling prescriptions to finding a home. The digital customer experience, for many businesses, is the business. Delivering an exceptional digital experience is now a must-have for staying competitive and achieving sustainable business growth. In fact, 50% of consumers would be willing to pay more for […]


Scaling Kubernetes with Observability and Confidence

Kubernetes is evolving at breakneck speed, and that was more evident than ever for anyone who attended KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2020. The event was packed full of excellent content and innovation stories. I was especially impressed by the focus on simplifying the developer experience, including Project Tye from Microsoft and Knative for running serverless containers […]

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AppDynamics’ New Portfolio of Hybrid Cloud Solutions Optimize App Performance in Business Context

Technologists are adopting cloud services faster than ever before in response to COVID-19. In our 2020 Agents of Transformation Report, we found that 71% of 1,000 technologists surveyed have had to implement digital transformation projects within weeks, rather than the months or years it would have taken before the pandemic. And while new cloud technologies […]

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Starting Out Strong with Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Hybrid cloud infrastructure brings many benefits to businesses that want the best of both public and private cloud environments. When you combine the security of a private cloud with the expansive power and versatility of a public cloud, you get complete control over your data while leveraging the ability to quickly and cost-effectively scale operational […]


Engineering a High-Performance Digital Enterprise

Back in the 1960s, French automaker Citroën pioneered the first “adaptive” headlights for automobiles. The quad-headlight system featured an inner pair of lights that swiveled with the front wheels, making it the first car to “see” around corners. Decades later, all leading automakers around the world have created their own advanced nighttime vision and hazard […]


What is OpenTelemetry and Why Should You Care?

Now more than ever, customers expect relevant and personalized digital experiences, no matter where they are, and on the device of their choosing. That’s why technology leaders around the world tell us that there’s no greater priority than digital transformation. The reasons are clear: Digital technologies represent radically new ways of delivering value to customers, […]

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AppDynamics Recognized as a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Application Performance Monitoring

AppDynamics customers have consistently left five-star reviews for Cisco AppDynamics in APM, SaaS and Application Analytics (Business IQ) over the years, reflecting our mission to support our clients through their digital transformation journey. The Peer Insights Customers’ Choice recognizes APM vendors by verified end-user professionals. Vendor rankings are based on the number of end-user reviews […]

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Step-by-Step Guide: Enhancing Lambda Performance Monitoring with AppDynamics

Today, around 20% of enterprises are utilizing functions as a service (FaaS), the most well-known manifestation of serverless computing. And Gartner estimates that number will grow to 50% by 2025. With the elasticity and flexibility offered by FaaS, it’s no wonder that AWS Lambda has seen explosive growth since its launch in 2014. And if […]

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AppDynamics & ThousandEyes Join Forces to Deliver the Most Complete End-to-end Visibility Into the Modern Digital Experience

There was a time when most critical apps and services ran in the data center. This was a simpler time, when IT still had full control over the app stack, network, and infrastructure. But times have changed. Today, the IT industry is being driven by disaggregation and migration to hybrid and multicloud architectures. The modernization […]


Best Practices for Monitoring Kubernetes Cluster in Production with AppDynamics

It’s easy to see why Kubernetes has quickly become the de facto standard for container orchestration and one of the most loved platforms among developers. Before Kubernetes, also known as K8s, it could take months to deploy applications and services. Now, this open-source platform allows us to run containers on clusters of physical or virtual […]


Cutting Right to the Business-Critical Problems at the Heart of Your Operations

As consumers, most of us know how online shopping works, and we have certain expectations about how it will unfold. Case in point: Just this morning, I placed an order online for monthly pet supplies, put the goods in my cart and headed to checkout. I was then prompted to begin processing my order by […]

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Lambda, Lambda, Lambda: Instrumenting Python Lambda Functions with AppDynamics

­­­With the growing trend of organizations migrating applications to incorporate serverless technologies, it’s more important than ever to have a full understanding of how various application components communicate with one another. Recently, AppDynamics received the AWS Lambda Ready designation (to go along with our other 3 AWS designations) validating our low-effort integration approach that provides […]


Protect Your Bottom Line and Change the Game on SAP Monitoring with APM

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is the backbone of every organization, integrating core business processes like finance, HR, and manufacturing into a single system. With a robust ERP system, companies have the power to drive efficiencies, improve visibility into operations, and enable smarter decision-making. And with more than 200 million users and 440,000 customers globally, […]

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7 Ways APM Helps IT Chart a Clear Course for Running Apps in the Cloud

Moving to a new house can be one of the most stressful things we do in life, but if you’re in IT, re-homing your apps in the cloud can be just as exhausting. This is particularly true against the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis, as IT priorities shift and teams are forced to re-evaluate both […]