Unlock the Value of IoT with Performance Monitoring

From cars to home appliances to wearables, the Internet of Things (IoT) has rapidly found its way into everyday objects, changing the way we live and work. In fact, IDC estimates in its Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide that by 2021, global IoT spending is expected to total nearly $1.4 trillion. It’s easy […]


8 Reasons Enterprises Are Slow to Adopt Machine Learning

As CTO of Data Science at AppDynamics, and in my previous role as co-founder of Perspica, I’ve seen machine learning make huge strides in recent years. ML has helped Netflix perfect binge watching, taught Siri how to sound more human and made Amazon Echo a fashion consultant. But when it comes to machine learning use […]


The AppD Approach: Monitoring Kubernetes Events

Just recently we launched AppDynamics for Kubernetes monitoring, giving enterprises end-to-end, unified visibility into their entire Kubernetes stack and Kubernetes-orchestrated applications for both on-prem and public cloud environments. Our industry-leading APM provides visibility into Kubernetes by leveraging labels such as Namespace, Pod or ReplicaSet. And AppDynamics customers can organize, group, query or filter Kubernetes objects […]


The Importance of Application Decomposition in App Performance Testing

DevOps is changing the way companies develop and maintain software. By embedding operations engineers into software development teams, companies are reducing the average number of days from code completion to live production and eliminating wait time and rework, among other benefits. But as I pointed out in my previous post “Performance Testing in a DevOps […]


AppDynamics Enhances Pivotal Cloud Foundry Performance Monitoring with New Infrastructure View

AppDynamics’ strong commitment to Pivotal Cloud Foundry’s opinionated platform philosophy makes it easy to add our industry-leading APM to your PCF applications. Our new Service Broker Tile, available on PivNet, is the latest example of our commitment to the most advanced Pivotal architecture. The tile was completely rewritten to support all the latest Pivotal Service […]


How to Leverage ARM Templates in Azure for Intelligent Deployment

We previously showed in a blog post, The AppD Approach: Deployment Options for .NET Microservices Agent, how the advanced portability and refinement of AppDynamics’ new .NET Microservices Agent delivers great value to our customers who monitor .NET Core applications. Let’s dig further into how to deploy this agent following Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices. Azure […]


Migrating from Docker Compose to Kubernetes

The AppDynamics Demo Platform never sleeps. It is a cloud-based system that hosts a number of applications designed to help our global sales team demonstrate the many value propositions of AppDynamics. Last fall, we added several new, larger applications to our demo platform. With these additions, our team started to see some performance challenges with […]


The AppD Approach: Increasing Mobile Engagement with Business iQ

With 2.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, enterprises can’t afford to ignore the mobile channel. Last year, $2 billion of Black Friday’s total sales of $5.03 billion were spent on mobile devices. And mobile isn’t just about shopping. People are now spending equal amounts of time on mobile devices and desktop computers. Flurry Insights pegs the […]


The AppD Approach: Market-changing SAP Monitoring

In his influential book The Thank You Economy, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk insightfully states: ”Remember that behind every B2B transaction, there is a C.” It’s an acknowledgement that the speed and power of the consumer-focused mentality is driving innovation in enterprises both large and small. Demands are high, patience is low, and barriers to entry are […]


How to Talk to The Business About Tech Debt

Hi, I’m Chase Q. Aucoin, a new member of the Technical Evangelism Team here at AppDynamics. I’ve worked with the development teams at several dozen Fortune 500 enterprises to improve SDLC, company culture, and to solve some truly massive-scale technical challenges. I’m going to be contributing articles to help developers get more out of work […]

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Introducing AppDynamics for SAP: Helping Enterprises Deliver Flawless Experiences

At AppDynamics, we’re excited to announce a new product line that enables troubleshooting and business visibility of SAP business applications on our unified monitoring platform. With our industry-first ABAP Agent, we can connect your digital business from end to end, including your SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and process integration (PI) […]


The AppD Approach: Deployment Options for .NET Microservices Agent

There are numerous ways to develop .NET applications, and several ways to run them. As the landscape expands for .NET development—including advances in .NET Core with its cross-platform capabilities, self-contained deployments, and even the ability to run an ASP.NET Core app on a Raspberry PI with the upcoming .NET Core 2.1 ARM32 support—it’s only fitting […]


The Pain of Not Doing DevOps

For planning new software projects and maintaining existing deployments, DevOps helps organizations creates stronger ties between all stakeholders throughout the development lifecycle. So it’s no surprise that DevOps is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. In the most recent Global Development Survey from Evans Data, 72% of developers reported working in a formal DevOps environment, […]


Continuous Performance Testing in a DevOps World

The benefits of adopting a DevOps approach are widely known. By unifying developer and operations groups and emphasizing monitoring and automation, companies are increasing the speed and frequency of deployments and recovering faster from failures. The results of firms that successfully implement DevOps can be eye-opening. According to the 2017 State of DevOps report produced […]

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It’s Time to Rethink Using Log Analytics for APM

Monitoring is complicated, with multiple tools in use and many more available to us for little or no cost. These tools provide many ways to be alerted when issues are detected as well as valuable insight into solving those issues quickly. Given their flexibility, especially with today’s powerful and scalable log analytics solutions, they can […]