Real-time Business Monitoring with Business iQ

November 15 2016

Get real-time business monitoring with Business iQ and see every customer journey and interaction.

Business iQ is the revolutionary new App iQ performance engine that enables business outcome monitoring in addition to your traditional application monitoring. AppDynamics’ unique and patented approach to application performance management (APM) has allowed us to analyze business metrics to better understand your application’s impact on your bottom line. As more and more businesses tackle digital transformation, the pressure to move at a high velocity increases, and managing the risk of each iteration becomes very important. Did your new release improve customer satisfaction? Are more customers doing self-service online successfully? Have profits increased? These are all questions that need to be answered in real-time to support a low “Mean Time to Business Awareness” (MTBA) that will fuel your digital transformation.

The key to offering real-time business monitoring with Business iQ lies in the careful integration of all of AppDynamics’ iQ engines, resulting in a dynamic, accessible set of data via Signal iQ. With our ability to tag and trace every business transaction — from a user’s device all the way through their entire app experience — AppDynamics is able to see every customer journey and interaction. We gather the business and performance data provided from each session into Signal iQ. Business iQ is then able to extract that information and generate baselines, dashboards, and give you perspective beyond traditional APM. You can now observe conversions, engagement, and other business outcomes. AppDynamics’ unique design for scale allows our agents to live within the production environment, giving us the ability to display information in real-time, directly from the heartbeat of the application.

When the data arrives from moment to moment at the Signal iQ repository, you can immediately query it using ADQL, an SQL-based query language developed by AppDynamics. ADQL allows for dashboarding or creating automated data collectors that aggregate specific metrics to intelligently baseline using our Baseline iQ engine. Intelligent baselining lets business owners and stakeholders to have real-time views of business performance. Baseline comparison allows for the detection of anomalies in the business performance that could later be attributed to the application performance, UI changes, or other external factors.

Via Map iQ, the App iQ platform allows you to map every user interaction to a business transaction, baseline every metric, and intelligently collect information through Baseline iQ. Diagnostic iQ provides session data snapshots when performance deviates from baseline using. With the addition of Business iQ, you’ll now be able to extend application monitoring into business monitoring and develop a common language to minimize risk and accelerate your digital transformation.


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Abelardo Gonzalez
Abelardo is a leading expert in web and mobile performance with over 13 years of industry experience. He holds a master's degree from Governors State University, and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Edward’s University. Abelardo regularly contributes to technology publications such as Mobile Strategies 360 & Internet Retailing.