How Retailers Can Have a Successful Black Friday [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Want to have a successful Black Friday? Implement a site performance tool. Read More.

Partnering with, we wanted to see exactly how e-commerce sites prepared for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and how those preparations led to the success (or lack thereof) during the busy holiday season.

One stat that jumps out at me is extremely telling:

“Those that had a site performance troubleshooting process in place were 92% more likely to meet or exceed their Black Friday revenue numbers”

When your business’ bottom line is directly tied to the success over a few days a year, uptime and optimal performance have never been more highly coveted. Your customers have too many options these days to be tolerant of poor performance and downtime. My colleague, Alex Fedotyev, stated, “Your business no longer runs on software, your business is software.” This quote rings especially true for the e-commerce industry.

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Kevin Goldberg

Kevin Goldberg

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