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I recently had a chance to visit the webcast “This Week in Cloud Computing” and share some of my thoughts about cloud trends and application performance management. One thread of the conversation that I found particularly interesting was the discussion of agility in cloud computing. Although this theme comes up from time to time, most discussions I hear on cloud computing focus on cost-cutting and security.

These are extremely important concerns, of course — security in particular can be seen as a prerequisite of any sound cloud computing strategy. But there’s a “forest for the trees” risk in focusing too much on cloud computing pitfalls in lieu of recognizing its benefits, of which agility is certainly a major component.

We’re seeing with our own customers the need to be even more agile than before, of scrums becoming common and engineering stand-ups becoming a way of life. Any process change that helps speed up the application deployment chain is more than just a “nice to have;” it’s a sea change in the ability of companies to deliver value to their end users.

Bernard Golden makes some interesting points about two types of cloud computing agility in this discussion on CIO – definitely worth a read if you’re interested in the topic.

In case you missed the live webcast last week, here’s the video:



Jyoti Bansal

Jyoti Bansal

Jyoti founded AppDynamics in early 2008 with the vision of defining the next-generation of application performance management (APM) solutions for distributed applications running in cloud, virtual, and physical environments. Before founding AppDynamics, Jyoti led the design and architecture for several products at Wily Technology. Jyoti received his BS in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He is the lead inventor on 14 US patent applications in the field of distributed applications management.