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Software is eating the world. The more it eats, the bigger the mountain of data and wealth of valuable insights to digest and act on. Forward facing customer-centric IT organizations, leaders and professionals are looking to answer questions like how much revenue was lost today from platinum users not converting because they experienced poor mobile app performance. This requires a single, real-time pane of glass for end-to-end analytics covering business, customer, and IT operational data.

Unfortunately, modern software organizations are struggling to connect the dots and looking for better solution. Gartner predicts 90% of information assets from big data analytic efforts will be siloed and un-leverageable across multiple business processes.

This is where AppDynamics Application Analytics platform shines.

It gives you front row seats to your business execution to see what’s going on behind the scenes of your application. Whether it’s knowing the impact of an outage, how your service is used around the world, or how your products are performing among a specific segment of your audience — AppDynamics will give you clear and accurate answers. Once you precisely understand what’s going on in your operations, you’re able to make smarter and faster decisions to improve your business.

What’s new?

In our latest Summer ‘15 release, we are introducing several new exciting features. Richer data sets to analyze custom events; machine based smarter insights that increase the horsepower to do ad-hoc analysis; and power to do investigative research and generate meaningful insights.

Let’s take a closer look.

Richer data set = more horsepower

AppDynamics Application analytics platform generates power from ingesting gobs of data and then showing off the brain power by presenting insightful information with relevant business context. With the latest release, the platform gained strong muscle to now include Browser and Mobile Real User Monitoring data. IT operations and support professionals can do ad-hoc analysis on custom events looking at a broad set of data across all browsers and mobile applications. This gives real-time advantage to answer performance issues impacting high-value users on a specific browser or identify customers who failed to book flights using specific mobile app version.


Smarter insights > ad hoc analysis

Richer set of data leads to machine based intelligent insights. AppDynamics Application platform is built upon smart algorithms to enable customers to find the needle in a haystack.

Top 10 Values and Relevant fields are exciting new features that provide robust machine based insights into your data and custom events. Top 10 values slices and dices to give 10 most frequent values of common data points. Relevant fields (beta) ups the ante and hones in to give you fields that have undergone significant change in frequency. To use a simple example, Top 10 fields will tell you most affected products with slow transactions. Combine this with Relevant fields to conduct root cause analysis to see the impacted users on specific products tied to a specific issue. Perhaps support wants to send them coupon; marketing wants to know if any of them were platinum customers and business owner wants to know total revenue lost.

Lastly, using a simple user interface, IT operations professionals can now add custom fields to log analytics and run advanced searches to perform investigative analysis. All of this data is presented with multiple pre-built visualization options to give you easy to digest context.

Rounding up the release are set of features that empower you to extract more data.  Out of the box, you can analyze your application from a macro perspective and use the data to investigate and drill. New workflows to drill down into visualizations that start at the 30,000-foot level and gets to ground level with root cause isolation. Set up alerts, policy thresholds, and view results in the metric browser. APM customers can also search for specific session ID directly from APM product.

Business context and smarter decisions

Fortunately modern software businesses who deploy next generation AppDynamics Application Analytics platform can answer more meaningful questions, get business context in real-time, and make smarter decisions to improve end-user experience and business results.

Mike Anand

Mike Anand

Mike Anand has over 12+ years of experience in Enterprise and SMB world spanning across leading mobile and software companies. In his current role as a Director of Product Marketing & Strategy for Business iQ at AppDynamics, he is responsible for leading global product marketing and go-to-market strategy for the product. Prior to this role Mike led Product team at Apteligent, a mobile APM company. He has also led mobile and cloud based subscription products and platforms at Good Technology, Adobe and Intuit. Mike received his M.B.A. from Santa Clara University and B.S. from University of California at Davis. You can follow Mike on twitter at