You’re costing your company millions with all of your hard work.

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Failure to take action is costing your company millions in lost revenue and is hurting your personal life. Sometimes we are so busy putting out application fires and just keeping the lights on that we don’t think we have the time to tackle “yet another project”. Even when we know for sure that this new project will save us tons of time in the future we still have other high priority items to work on.

Testing new enterprise software tools used to be really difficult. Dedicating the time and resources to running a proper proof of concept (POC) or proof of value (POV) as we like to call it, was making a huge commitment (potentially months). Times have changed and AppDynamics is re-defining the enterprise software market.

App Fires To DoWhen you want to trial consumer grade software like Adobe Photoshop, or the latest greatest anti-virus software, or maybe even tax software all you need to do is download, install, and take a short tutorial on the important features. Well that’s the way AppDynamics works too. Wait, what? Enterprise software that is easy to install, easy to use, and just works is going to save you time and money? I’m serious and I’ll prove it to you.

The Cost of the Status Quo

Before we jump into the details of exactly how easy AppDynamics is to set up and use let’s take a look at what it really costs you to not invest a small amount of time and effort into changing things for the better. If you’re reading this you probably have issues with applications that consume a lot of work and home time.

I know when I was in production support I was always getting roped into conference calls because some application was broken or slow. I would get paged in the middle of the night for the exact same types of issues regardless of whether or not the problem was within my sphere of influence. The simple fact was that my work time and home time were being consumed by application problems that had nothing to do with me but since nobody knew where the problem was it was “all hands on deck”.

Skip ahead a few years and I was almost never getting brought onto conference calls that had nothing to do with my application components because we invested our time in finding a solution that would isolate the problematic component so that the proper people could fix it right away. I had my work time back to do my real job and I had my personal time back to do whatever I wanted.

I think Chris Tiwald from Conductor said it best when talking about how AppDynamics has impacted his organization… “The time that AppDynamics saves us gives us back development time, makes us more agile, and lets us better serve our customers. One of our biggest differentiators from our competitors is our rate of innovation, and AppDynamics has allowed us to accelerate that even more.”

Let’s take a look at a real example from AppDynamics customer The image below is the ROI study that Edmunds performed after seeing the benefits of using AppDynamics. As you can see, the time spent fixing application problems was a major issue for Edmunds before they brought in AppDynamics. Conservative observations of problem and defect resolution using AppDynamics proved to be at least 45% and 35% faster respectively. This cost benefit alone is staggering but the time saving is invaluable when you have your actual job to still keep up with.

Edmunds ROI

Click image to see the entire case study.

It’s way easier than you think.

Did you know that when most companies take a free trial of AppDynamics software they are up and running that same day? Typically it takes less than 3 hours to see the value that AppDynamics provides.

If one day of testing out a new Application Performance Monitoring tool could lead you to reducing your mean time to repair by 45% like it did for, do you think it would be time well spent?

Ryan Jairam from Fox News went from constantly fighting fires to having some weeks with NO trouble tickets: “We used to have six or seven support tickets a day about our applications. Now we only have one or two per week, if any, and 99% of those are user error. We’ve had weeks where we don’t have any.”

Jairam also summed up the whole point of this blog post in one statement: “It’s been a complete night-and-day difference here with AppDynamics. Now we have time to focus on new things and not just fight fires all day.”

Hard work should be rewarded. Why not take a little time to reward yourself by testing the latest monitoring technology and seeing how much better it can make your work life. You’ll probably even get back a bunch of time for your personal life, and who doesn’t need more of that?

Click here to get started with your free trial of AppDynamics today.

Jim Hirschauer

Jim Hirschauer

Jim Hirschauer is a Technology Evangelist for AppDynamics. He has an extensive background working in highly available, business critical, large enterprise IT operations environments. Jim has been interested in application performance testing and monitoring since he was a Systems Administrator working in a retail bank. His passion for performance analysis led him down a path where he would design, implement and manage the cloud computing monitoring architecture for a top 10 investment bank. During his tenure at the investment bank, Jim created new processes and procedures that increased overall code release quality and dramatically improved end user experience.

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