Success Stories of AppSphere 2016: A Sneak Peek

Companies know what’s on the line when their applications aren’t performing at their best. It’s no longer excusable to have an outage or slow-to-load page on your site. With attention spans dwindling, a first impression is a lasting one, and if your applications aren’t running properly at all times, it’s very likely your business is losing out on valuable transactions. You may already know the issues your company faces, but do you know the best solutions for them?

This year at AppSphere 2016, we’re excited to host a stellar lineup of guest speakers who are sharing how they transformed application performance from reactive to proactive. Join us in November to get the the opportunity to hear from enterprise leaders like Expedia, Cisco, and eHarmony on how they use AppDynamics to optimize their application performance. Read on for a sneak preview of what they’ll be discussing.


Expedia Global Customer Operations has over 9,000 call center agents that rely on a fully functioning tool set to deliver speedy support to thousands of travelers. Expedia decided to  deploy AppDynamics Application Analytics to improve prioritization of infrastructure changes, code, and process in order to improve their business results. The outcome? Hear it from Expedia yourself by joining us at AppSphere 2016 or by reading our Expedia case study.


Cisco, like many of our customers, has learned the tricks to maximizing the value of AppDynamics solutions. But for those of you that think you could be doing more with our solutions, we suggest you sign up to hear how Cisco increases the value they derive from our solutions through a variety of methods, including using custom dashboards for executive summaries and by integrating AppDynamics alerts with third-party tools. For a brief insight into Cisco’s customer story, start by checking out their case study before joining us at the conference in November.


eHarmony wants to help you find love. AppDynamics is no different. Fall in love with your top performing applications and make sure they’re treated to the latest in software and infrastructure design patterns. Join eHarmony as they discuss their journey of overcoming the challenges of ever-changing software by utilizing our APM software. They’ll cover what needs to be built in terms of data extraction, analytics, and other open source technologies. They’ll also be discussing AppDynamics solutions and what features and functions are critical when monitoring microservices-based applications. Can’t wait for the track session? Read the case study now.


We’re excited to have these speakers, including our keynote speaker, United Airlines, join us at AppSphere 2016. Read our press release to learn more, and if you haven’t registered yet, don’t wait! Join us and gain insights on how to empower your business and maximize the value of application performance.

Celebrating Partnership at AppSphere 2016

 With only a few weeks to go until our third annual AppSphere 2016 user conference, the AppDynamics offices are busier than ever preparing for the big event, and this year we’ve committed to outdoing ourselves when we host this year’s Partner Day. As one of our partners, what does that mean for you? Prepare for star treatment — you’re our guest of honor!

Partner Day will kick off the week-long conference event, allowing you to get the inside scoop before everyone else in the industry. Here is a sneak peek of some of the highlights for this year’s Partner Day:

Partner Insights and Executive Q&A

AppDynamics CEO, David Wadhwani, has an important message to share regarding the future of the company and the essential role our partners play in helping us reach our goals. Join the discussion—our executives are holding a panel to answer all of your questions during the open floor Q&A session.

Gain new perspective in APM

Are you ready to disrupt the market? We are — but we need your help to do it. Our team will spend the day going in depth on topics of interest to you. Sessions include Growing an AppDynamics Practice, where we’ll present new revenue streams and share what enablement, training, and investment can mean for you. Another popular session is sure to be Product Roadmap, where Bhaskar Sunkara, CTO and Head of Product, will provide insight into future product releases. Lastly, you won’t want to miss Kendall Collins, our CMO, as he hosts a session on Building Our Unique Value Proposition — where you’ll learn how partnering with AppDynamics will give you an edge over the competition.

Partner Reception

They say “it’s all about who you know”, so don’t miss the opportunity to build up your network with like-minded professionals. AppDynamics executives are hosting the reception on Sunday evening at The Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Chandelier Bar. Enjoy an evening on us, get to know your fellow guests, and connect with some of the biggest names speaking at AppSphere 2016.

Partner Day lasts only one day, but our conference runs all week. Stay for the whole event and you can add hands-on training, 70+ sessions, and maybe even take advantage of the AppDynamics Certification, available for the first time this year. For a more comprehensive look at AppSphere 2016, make sure to check out the event page.

5 Reasons to Attend AppSphere 2016

Here at AppDynamics, we’ve been gearing up to make AppSphere 2016 our best event yet, full of the expertise, networking opportunities, and tools you’ll need to enhance your abilities and be a leader in your field. Last year we brought together over 1,500 attendees from some of the world’s biggest businesses and heard speakers from industry giants like Pearson, Xerox, Expedia, Red Hat, and more.

This year, we’re bigger and better than ever, so we’ve compiled the top five reasons you need to book your ticket to AppSphere 2016 in Las Vegas today. And there’s even more to come — so stay tuned!

Don’t wait —space is running out. Register today!

  1. Getting AppDynamics Certified

This year, we’re adding hands-on labs led by our product experts to provide you with the skills and training that will take your business to the next level. Use your AppDynamics Certification to take your career as an administrator, troubleshooter, or DevOps engineer to rockstar heights. Don’t miss out on an exclusive opportunity to be one of the first to become certified with AppDynamics.

  1. Learning and growing with the industry’s best

Sign up and get access to a growing list of over 70 track sessions, including product deep dives, technical case studies, and business case studies with our product experts. Customize your journey and create your own agenda according to your area of expertise. Join us to hear experts from Cisco, Capital One, AT&T, Accenture, United, and more.

  1. Investing in your future

After attending AppSphere 2016, you’ll have a clear picture of what’s on the horizon for your business. Gain exclusive insight from APM visionaries, including AppDynamics’ own Jonah Kowall and John Rakowski during breakout or one-on-one sessions. You’ll also get a sneak peek of demos available for Winter 2017 release.

  1. Discovering the perks of partnership

The day before AppSphere kicks off, we’ll be hosting a full-day of partner-focused content where you’ll hear from executives and peers on the state of teaming with AppDynamics. Discover firsthand more info on the advantages of being among the first to receive AppDynamics Certification.

  1. Enjoying a night on us

If we wanted AppSphere to be boring, we wouldn’t host it in Las Vegas. Enjoy connecting and networking with your peers and product leaders during a night out at Drai’s Beachclub & Nightclub. We’ll also be hosting customer awards, regional dinners, and user group meetings by region. Trust us — this is the one trip to Vegas you’re going to want to remember.


Announcing the new AppDynamics Certification, available at AppSphere 2016

Be the first to get certified

At AppSphere 2016 this November, AppDynamics University will launch the first in a series of technical certifications for IT professionals who implement and use AppDynamics. As an attendee, you’ll have an opportunity to be among the first to attain our new AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional certification. Our first scheduled exam will be held on the last day of the event, Thursday, November 17.  Read on to understand the certification process and register now if you want to be one of the first to achieve this new professional qualification for yourself or your company.

Certification programs designed for you

Our new certifications are designed to the highest standards with business needs in mind. Our certification exams aim to focus on real-world skills and use cases relevant to current market needs. Our ultimate goal is to build a talent ecosystem where customers and partners can find the talent they need as AppDynamics becomes the industry standard.

Over the next 18 months, we’re rolling out two different certification tracks:

  •      The Systems Implementation and Operations Track is designed for those who implement and use AppDynamics to monitor applications
  •      The Applications Optimization Track is designed for those who use performance statistics to fine tune their code to ensure optimum application performance

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 2.00.46 PM.png

The Systems Implementation and Operations Track will validate the knowledge and skills required to install, configure, optimize, and use AppDynamics’ core application performance manager, application analytics, end-user monitoring, and infrastructure visibility technologies. This track will consist of four certifications split across two tiers, a professional level tier and an associate level tier.

The Application Optimization Certification Track, designed with developers in mind, will initially feature one professional certification level. Stay tuned for more.

Be an APM pioneer

The AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional Certification will be the first to be offered. If you deploy and administer AppDynamics products, this track is for you. The AppDynamics Certification doesn’t replace any of the existing partner accreditation programs at the moment, nor is it a substitute for them. As our current or future partner, you must continue to renew and attain your AEP and AES accreditations.

What are you waiting for?

Becoming AppDynamics certified will allow you differentiate yourself or your company in an increasingly competitive market — you’ll instantly gain recognition and credibility within the APM space and the greater IT industry. Lead the pack — register for AppSphere 2016 and select the option to take the certification exam.

To learn more about the specific topics covered on the exam, the training you’ll need, and the roadmap for our other certifications, visit our University page for updates. Any other questions? Feel free to email us.