AppDynamics takes Cassandra out for Beer and Big Data

Welcome Cassandra, let’s start with a quick introduction of who you are and what you can do.
I am a high-performance distributed scalable database.  I am really good at doing lots of operations and growing as your data needs increase, and to top that all off I run on commodity hardware which means I’m really great for running on the cloud.

Awesome, oh by the way, what beer are you drinking tonight?
Tonight I’m drinking a Shiner from good old Texas.

Excellent.  First, I heard it on the grapevine and you did tell me that you’re highly available.  Can you confirm or deny these rumors, and what does that really mean?
Highly available means that a distributed system can lose one or more of its servers and still keep the cluster as a whole up and running.  In other words, because I’m designed to run on commodity hardware, failure should be expected.  In my scenario, I can lose a server and keep on chugging along without the cluster going down.

AppDynamics Monitoring for Cassandra and Big Data

With AppDynamics 3.2, we recently announced support for Big Data. This essentially allows our customers to manage application performance in production applications while aligning with the growing trend of NoSQL technologies. As applications become more distributed and complex, many organizations are looking to exploit the benefits of Cassandra, Hadoop and MongoDB (to name a few), which offer more agile data models along with superior read/write performance. They are also significantly cheaper to own and scale compared to the traditional relational database.

But as I mentioned in my previous blog, NoSQL is about “Not Just SQL” rather than waving goodbye to the relational database. So as a vendor that provides innovative APM solutions, it was a logical step for AppDynamics to provide support for NoSQL technologies at the first knock for our customers so they could monitor the performance of both their relational and non-relational databases.

This blog takes a look at the new capabilities AppDynamics Pro provides for monitoring Cassandra, a highly scalable, second-generation distributed database that has received modest adoption over the last 18 months. This adoption has been helped significantly through the publicity generated by heavyweight Cassandra users such as Facebook and Twitter. It isn’t just hype, though; at AppDynamics we’re seeing more and more of this stuff in our customers environments and they love it.