Will NoSQL and Big Data Kill the DBA?

Remember the good old days where developers and DBAs would argue over who and what was killing the relational database? “It’s your crap SQL,” “You forgot to create an index,” “You don’t know what an index is”…and so on. Do you remember when the DBA occasionally spoke and served out humble pie on how to make SQL statements go faster? Well my friends, those biblical days could soon be over with the adoption of NoSQL technologies. Or is that not true? Will the DBA perform a mighty rollback?

If you look back at the last decade, there is no doubt nearly all business today is connected or conducted online. In fact I can’t physically remember the last time Mrs. App Man and I walked into the bank, wrote a letter, or returned a movie rental. Half our life is done online and it’s not stopping anytime soon now that Mrs. AppMan has a new shiny MacBook to shop on. IDC and EMC recently published a report that stated 70% of the digital universe this year will be generated by users at home, work, and on the go. In total this amounts to 880 billion gigabytes of data being created this year. All that data has got to go somewhere, and it’s left to applications to query and make this data available to users whereever they are in the world. Data availability and performance has never been so important.