Orbitz Deploys AppDynamics Across 2,700 Servers In Just 15 Days

Here at AppDynamics we’re very proud of how easy our solution is to deploy and maintain. We also tout the fact that in many cases there is no configuration required to gain the insight needed to solve complex application problems. All of this is absolutely true, but does it mean that AppDynamics doesn’t have enough functionality to support complex deployments that make little to no use of common frameworks? Absolutely not! But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself in this presentation by Orbitz (Geoff Kramer and Nick Jasieniecki) at one of our Chicago User Group meetings. In case you don’t know what Orbitz does I think this quote from Geoff Kramer sums it up quite well… “Orbitz unlocks the joy of travel for our customers. You can’t do that if you are having site problems.”

If you don’t have 50 minutes to spare right now I will summarize the videos key points in this blog post.