Docker Monitoring

Enterprise-grade performance monitoring for containerized applications

Fully automated Docker monitoring

Get end-to-end, unified monitoring for Docker hosts, all monitored containers, and application code from a single pane of glass — in real time.

Out-of-the-box, end-to-end monitoring

Instantly discover application topology and start monitoring performance by using AppDynamics container images available in the Docker Store — a trusted registry validated by Docker.

  • Integrate Docker monitoring as part of your CI/CD process to speed up continuous delivery

  • Adhere to security best practices by running monitoring containers in the least privileged mode

Full-stack visibility to optimize application performance

Understand every metric, every event on Docker hosts, all monitored containers, and applications — with line of code-level granularity.

  • Immediately identify hot running containers to remediate resource contention issues

  • Quickly triage performance issues and avoid alert storms by automatically identifying root cause

Modernize traditional applications with confidence

Run traditional applications in Docker containers, or develop cloud-native microservices — all within the same consistent AppDynamics interface. Monitor modern and traditional applications side-by-side — avoiding people, process, and technology silos.

  • Be confident in the performance monitoring of every microservice, no matter the architecture, complexity, or scale

  • Run Docker containers on any cloud, including AWS, Azure, GCP, or on-premises private cloud with any orchestrator, such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, or Mesos

Drive business value

Easily understand the correlation between customer experience, containerized application performance, and business outcomes.

  • Create a common language between business and IT, helping IT teams drive business success rather than simply supporting it

  • Proactively manage risk and prove business value with every code release

Getting started with full-stack Docker monitoring


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“With AppDynamics, we gain better visibility into how microservices interface with the rest of the components of our application, the ability to proactively troubleshoot emerging issues, and the increased velocity to resolve issues faster than ever.”

Nuno Pereira, CTO, iJET

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