AppDynamics helps to gain visibility into online gaming apps

Key Benefits

Visibility into application performance

Cost savings from reduced MTTR

Protection of brand reputation from fast problem remedy

Needed visibility into the performance of popular internal applications

32Red had legacy applications that had been developed with limited documentation. Robert Deaves, Head of IT for 32Red, needed to find out how these applications were performing, if they were being used, and to understand further what their dependencies were.

“We needed more visibility. We needed the ability to see which legacy applications were generating busy transactions and what their dependencies were. Once we had that information, we could start to optimize their performance and put more rigorous controls in place. Without this information, it was difficult to effectively support or re-architecture these older applications” Deaves explains.

Any online business that relies on the performance of their applications to make money will benefit from AppDynamics Application Performance Management.

Robert Deaves, Head of IT, 32Red

About 32Red

32Red is a British online gaming provider based in Gibraltar. It offers over 500 online games to customers who play a range of casino games including roulette, blackjack, poker, bingo, and more. Its gaming platform is provided by a third party and contains many API’s upon which a large number of legacy applications are built.

As a company who is celebrating its fourth successive year of growth, the increase in website traffic and user base meant it needed an APM solution to manage that growth and to provide insight and monitoring into application performance, capacity and events.

AppDynamics Application Performance Management provided visibility into performance issues

The AppDynamics application performance management (APM) solution allowed 32Red to get better visibility into the performance of their legacy product that was suffering from performance degradation under load.

“This was an application used daily within a busy department which was “getting slower every day”. With AppDynamics APM, we’re able to determine where the problem was and that it was not physical capacity – it was a code issue that only presented itself under load. We were able to rectify it and fix the problem very quickly” Deaves explains.

"When we use the AppDynamics application, we get an immediate visual cue into what is going on. The application flows are quite imaginative and the flow imagery is very good -- it’s not something I’ve seen before."

Robert Deaves, Head of IT, 32Red

Deaves revealed that without the information provided by the AppDynamics solution, they would have assumed the problem was due to load and purchased additional hardware to rectify it. Instead, the application allowed them to find out the specific cause of the problem, which in the end could have saved an unnecessary hardware purchase.

Finally, according to 32Red one of the best things about working with AppDynamics is the onboarding process. Deaves was impressed with the direct support he received from the team:

“With AppDynamics, the phone calls and attention continue long after the deal is done. Even though the product is very intuitive, I appreciated the follow-up. It’s not something you see every day and something I think other companies could learn from. Any online business that relies on the performance of their applications to make money will benefit from AppDynamics Application Performance Management.”

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