Cyclomedia turns to AppDynamics to chart a new course for keeping its cloud and core systems running at peak performance as it maps locations around the globe in 3D.

Key Benefits

Accelerated mean time to resolution (MTTR) through greater visibility and transparency

Reduced OpEx by hundreds of thousands of Euros per year

Consolidated disparate monitoring and health check solutions into a single platform for a 360-degree real-time perspective of the state of the business

Challenge: Creating a whole new way to see the world


Cloud computing has revolutionized how companies use data. And few companies use more data in more unique ways than Cyclomedia. The company provides both government agencies and private businesses with richly-detailed, 360-degree perspectives of geographic locations and specific buildings for use in everything from public utilities safety planning and disability compliance to property tax rate matching, construction zoning, and myriad other applications.

The company migrated many of its core operations to public clouds in Microsoft Azure and other popular providers to support its data-intensive, artificial intelligence (AI)-based operations. But managing an expansive IT infrastructure to run both customer-facing and backend systems became increasingly more difficult as the company’s business and technology footprint grew.

“AppDynamics is very easy to integrate within a cloud-native environment. It allows us to connect our entire ecosystem — from workloads in Azure to anything we have running on-prem — for greater visibility and true observability with just a few clicks. ”

Roland Den Otter
IT Manager  @Cyclomedia

About Cyclomedia

Cyclomedia captures data from the real world and transforms it into valuable insights to help organizations understand the complexities of the environment around them. Cyclomedia develops, builds, and operates the world’s most advanced mobile mapping systems. With a combination of sensors ranging from camera's & Lidar scanners to state-of-the-art positioning systems the company maps dense urban areas in 360°street-level detail in locations across Western Europe and North America.

Solution: Unified observability for better control, greater visibility, and more agility

Cyclomedia uses AppDynamics to consolidate application and performance monitoring to the farthest reaches of its IT footprint into a single, feature-rich, and powerful platform. Working with the AppDynamics Professional Services team to deploy and configure each service with precision and accuracy, the company has real-time visibility and proactive alerting for thousands of virtual machines and connected systems, should any workload or machine fail or experience performance degradation. 

“AppDynamics makes it faster and easier for us to pinpoint the exact problem and resolve it before any of our users and customers know about it,” says Roland Den Otter, Cyclomedia’s  IT manager. “More importantly, it allows us to take a deeper dive into what caused it in the first place and take steps to prevent it from happening again.” Meanwhile, the solution’s extensive dashboard functionality allows members from any team, anywhere to generate detailed reports with both narrow and wider operational perspectives, such as how many machines are running at a point in time or how many kilometers the company has transformed into 3D imagery.

  • AppDynamics scales to cover any number of systems, connections, or platforms
  • Real-time alerting and root cause analysis enable faster time to resolution
  • Configurable dashboard and custom reports provide 360-degree perspective of operations and systems health

Benefits: Huge cost savings, improved availability, and greater responsiveness to evolving demands

Since deploying AppDynamics to each of its backend services, Cyclomedia can easily detect service interruptions or potential issues before they create a cascading domino effect that threatens to take several services offline and negatively impact both internal users and end customers. Not only does proactive troubleshooting and service optimization support a better digital experience, but it also helps rein in many of the costs associated with managing a wide-ranging and dynamic environment.

“AppDynamics helps to reduce the overhead, staffing, and licensing costs that come with managing such an extensive environment by hundreds of thousands of Euros per year,” Den Otter says. “The biggest benefit is that we’re now more proactive and responsive to the threats in our environment while becoming more agile in addressing the needs of our customers.”

  • Accelerated mean time to resolution (MTTR) through greater visibility and transparency
  • Reduced OpEx by hundreds of thousands of Euros per year
  • Replaced manual reporting and dashboards with automated, dynamic reports accessible by employees across teams and departments
  • Consolidated disparate monitoring and health check solutions into a single platform for a 360-degree real-time perspective of the state of the business

"Our mapping systems often require hundreds, if not thousands, of virtual machines to run simultaneously across different clouds and environments. Orchestrating all those moving pieces and having real-time visibility into their health and performance just isn’t possible when every one requires different amounts of attention and has their own monitoring tool."

Jimmy van den Bergh, Software Engineer, Cyclomedia


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