Expedia Books a 25% Boost in Performance with AppDynamics

Key Benefits

Achieved full ROI in just over a year

Reduced MTTR for Severity 2/3 incidents from hours to minutes

Improved performance of key business transactions by 25%

Challenge: Needed end-to-end visibility to identify and resolve performance problems faster

It is critical that EAN's systems remain reliable and any performance problems are quickly identified and resolved as not only EAN's customers rely on them, but they also have thousands of partners worldwide. The EAN operations team had a variety of monitoring tools, which would only highlight the fact that a problem was occurring, but not why. With these tools, it would require a large effort and a lot of time to drill down into the cause of issues.

“We were quite reactive when it came to performance,” said Andrew Mulholland, Operations Architect at EAN. “While the Severity 1 incidents would be worked on straight away, as they'd be clearly highlighted in our existing monitoring, for more minor system issues, we may not be aware of them for many hours.”

EAN needed a tool that would give Mulholland's team end-to-end visibility into their application in production, allowing them to identify and resolve problems faster. So they began looking for an application performance management (APM) solution.

Now we're regularly the first to tell our suppliers when they have a problem.

Andrew Mulholland, Operations Architect, EAN

About Expedia

Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) is part of Expedia Inc., the world's leading online travel company. EAN creates the tools and technology that help millions of travelers find the perfect hotels for their next trips.

As the world's fastest-growing private label travel affiliate network, EAN works with over 7,500 partners in 33 countries to turn their web traffic into hotel bookings and happy customers.

AppDynamics helped EAN prioritize and address performance issues

Visibility, low overhead and ease-of-use. After a Proof of Concept, EAN integrated the AppDynamics solution and it began to monitor hundreds of nodes in EAN's production environment.

With the AppDynamics platform, Mulholland and his team could now identify where time was spent within their API and web applications to help prioritize which problems needed attention first. “Now we can find many problems upstream and get them fixed before they affect our partners and their customers,” Mulholland said. “We're more proactive now, and that's allowed us to shorten our time-to-response significantly.”

Accelerated critical business transactions by more than 25%

“We're now regularly the first to tell our suppliers when they have a problem,” Mulholland said. “The accuracy of the data from AppDynamics has resulted in improved mean time to resolve for many issues, as many of our suppliers now take direct action on our alerts from AppDynamics APM.”

Perhaps the biggest accomplishment was that even as web traffic and rate of change increased, EAN's systems remained stable, and the performance of key transactions actually improved. “Our most important business transactions are over 25% faster than before,” Mulholland said.

“Thanks to AppDynamics, we're finally able to be proactive about application performance. And it's paying off.”

Andrew Mulholland, Operations Architect, EAN

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