Infomedia Improves Application Performance 80% with AppDynamics Application Performance Management

Key Benefits

Improved application performance by 80%

Increased visibility into SOA applications

Real-time application intelligence for data-driven decision making


The Infomedia IT team is not only responsible for internal IT but also the hosting infrastructure for more than ten software and services offerings. Over the past five years, the business has transitioned from a traditional software provider (that shipped product disks to customers) to a cloud provider, which offers SaaS-based web applications.

Infomedia has a service-oriented architecture (SOA) where different teams autonomously make services that need to communicate with each other. They were seeing random outages and were having a hard time troubleshooting the applications. When they needed to troubleshoot a problem, developers did not have access to production and would have to ask IT for logs. They were trying to reproduce problems in the lab but this was proving unsuccessful in narrowing down the problem.

“Troubleshooting was a challenge, we spent longer than what we would have liked to resolve issues,” Jason Umiker, Global IT Manager for Infomedia, explains.

"One of the biggest issues was our IT and development teams were in multiple locations. We needed an online tool that both teams could access that would provide visibility into the whole transaction.”

Without AppDynamics we’d be running blind. We went from not understanding the big picture to being able to isolate an issue down to the specific line of code.

Jason Umiker, Global IT Manager, Infomedia

About Infomedia

Infomedia is a software company based in Sydney Australia (IFM:ASX), with additional offices in Europe and North America. Infomedia supplies selling systems for automotive parts, sophisticated menu pricing systems, as well as data analysis and information research for automotive manufacturers. Founded in 1987, Infomedia’s solutions are used daily by 150,000 dealership customers in 186 countries.

Infomedia’s solutions are critical to their customers’ workflow and must be available 24x7. Its teams deliver high-quality, high-performance online software for auto dealerships around the world. The systems are a combination of sophisticated proprietary applications, tools, relational database code sets, and repositories, which have been developed and continuously improved over the last 24 years.


In searching for a solution, Infomedia looked at New Relic alongside AppDynamics. Umiker’s team found that New Relic could not handle their flash-based user interface and using New Relic would require them to make substantial code changes on their end. They selected AppDynamics Application Performance Management (APM) because it did not require any code for implementation and for how easily it finds and alerts for errors and performance bottlenecks.

“We chose AppDynamics because it gives us an application rather than a server-centric view. It provides both global and local views and dynamic response to changes in which servers are actually hosting the app,” Umiker explains. “AppDynamics APM shows us all of the interactions/transactions that take place throughout our SOA-heavy stack.”

When Umiker was recently doing his due diligence for the AppDynamics contract renewal, he heard a passionate response from the developers – “Don’t touch my AppDynamics!”


Infomedia serves 186 countries, so its apps need to work 24/7. AppDynamics helped them solve the outage and uptime problem, as well as helping them test their code more effectively prior to problems arising.

Umiker sums up Infomedia’s AppDynamics experience this way: “Without AppDynamics we’d be running blind. We went from not understanding the big picture to being able to isolate an issue down to the specific line of code.”

Infomedia considers AppDynamics to be a large part of their strategic business arsenal for three reasons:

  • Both operations and development have the same tool and one unified view of the world, which broke down silos between the two groups.

  • AppDynamics APM collects in-depth data into the errors and performance of each part of the application (both in real-time and historically), which helps with business decision-making.

  • Application performance improved by 80% with triple the load after AppDynamics APM was implemented!

AppDynamics helps both operations and development see how the code is behaving in production and how their code relates to the code of the team next to them. This data has been helpful for all involved. Data-based decisions are simply better decisions, Umiker concludes. I would recommend AppDynamics to anyone who is responsible for a complex web application. There are so many moving parts to monitor web apps that trying to run one without a great tool like AppDynamics APM is just very difficult.

“AppDynamics APM shows us all of the interactions/transactions that take place throughout our SOA-heavy stack.”

Jason Umiker, Global IT Manager, Infomedia

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