NTT Europe

NTT Europe uses AppDynamics to pinpoint root cause of customer’s performance issues

Oscar Garcia, Chief Operating Officer at NTT Europe talks about the benefits of AppDynamics and how they're able to find the root cause of performance issues.

Hi, I am Oscar Garcia.

I'm in charge of operations for the application management and business in the NTT Europe, and I was responsible for bringing together AppDynamics and NTT Europe in the year 2011.

We first used to work with AppDynamics as a part of our ongoing improvement process; whereby we are always looking for new tools and new solutions to offer our customers, as 'value-added services'.

I've always been very involved with monitoring since the early days of the company, looking for solutions to improve our monitoring capability.

I download AppDynamics once from their website.  I just downloaded it,  deployed it on some test systems, and very quickly I was amazed by the amount of information I was able pull out from my systems.

We have this customer, a big consulting firm that's hosting an intranet based on SharePoint, for 10,000 users. It's quite an active intranet, very loaded, and obviously, with SharePoint, it's tricky to diagnose what was going on with the customer’s performance. The issue they were facing was that every time they were indicating towards the system, the performance was awful.

We jumped in, deployed an AppDynamics agent very quickly, and the system also discovered most of the transactions. It highlighted the line of code that was causing the issue, that effectively was just a loop that they were using for authenticating the users. This loop was just going against the database. I know that AppDynamics was looking in a remote location, and discovered that when performance was bad, the line overloaded.

It was very easy to pinpoint what the issue was, and was also very easy to propose a change to fix the issue, by adding just a little bit of caching into this query. Automatically the issue disappeared.

It took us one hour, and if we added in the time it took to fix the solution, an hour and a half to two hours. It was very quick.

The customer was really impressed, because we were able to fix something that had taken the customer quite a long time to detect.  Finally, we were able to come back to the customer with a really good approach and solution to the system.

We have a lot of customers that are using AppDynamics.

We are delivering the same kind of services in the financial sector, automotive, in media; you name the industry, and we have had a case study in it.