Vodafone Views Customer Journeys through a Single Pane of Glass with AppDynamics

As one of the largest providers of mobile communications, Vodafone’s success is built on its interactions with more than 440 million customers across the world. Learn how Vodafone is using AppDynamics to monitor customer journeys end-to-end through key channels in order to ensure the best customer experience.
With technology evolving at an ever-faster pace, Vodafone retains its leadership in telecommunications through the ongoing release of applications and services that improve the customer experience. Acquiring a solution that enabled engineers to proactively identify and resolve issues before they affected customers was a top priority. With AppDynamics, Vodafone not only accelerated the mean time to resolution, it also built a collaborative partnership with business stakeholders. In place of multiple tools, everyone now shares the same transparent view of business transactions from the front end to the backend.