What is the Central Nervous System?

Together with Cisco, AppDynamics provides our vision for AIOps: the Central Nervous System for IT. The Central Nervous System is a platform that delivers deep, cross-domain visibility and insights with the ability to automate actions, reduce the amount of time-consuming IT tasks, and enable teams to drive innovation.

The future of performance monitoring is here.

With the Central Nervous System for IT, AppDynamics and Cisco empower businesses with AI-powered insights and automation that help them take the right action, at exactly the right time.

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Understanding the health of your digital business and IT ecosystem requires total visibility into complex IT environments that cross multiple domains including infrastructure, network, applications and security.

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The right insights from your IT environment can fuel intelligent decision-making to drive rapid resolution and predict future performance.

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Take action on the insights you derive and leverage intelligence to help remediate problems, prevent issues and optimize your operating environment.

Embark on the AIOps journey with AppDynamics and Cisco

A robust application performance monitoring solution with AI capabilities designed for the modern enterprise today.

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Drive your business forward with the Central Nervous System and AI-powered application performance management