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Introducing Two AppDynamics Certification Tracks

Whether you are an architect, a consultant, an engineer, a developer, an administrator, a power user, or an operator who works with AppDynamics technologies in some form, now you have an opportunity to formally set yourself apart from the pack by becoming AppDynamics certified.

Systems Implementation
& Operations

This family of certifications is designed for individuals who implement and use AppDynamics technologies to monitor application performance, validate from end-to-end, and gain the knowledge and skills required to install, configure, instrument, optimize and use AppDynamics core Application Performance Manager, Application Analytics, and End-User Monitoring technologies. 


This family of certifications is designed for developers and individuals who use data generated by AppDynamics technologies to optimize the performance of applications. Initially the Application Optimization track will feature one certification at the professional level.

Of Difficulty
Level II
  • ACIP
  • AppDynamics Certified
  • Implementation Professional
  • Best for: Architects, Administrators, Consultants, Engineers
  • ACOP
  • AppDynamics Certified
  • Operations Professional
  • Best for: Architects, Administrators, Consultants, Engineers, Power Users
  • AppDynamics Certified
  • Application Optimization Professional
  • Best for: Developers
Level I
  • ACIA
  • AppDynamics Certified
  • Implementation Associate
  • Best for: Architects, Administrators, Consultants, Engineers
  • ACOA
  • AppDynamics Certified
  • Operations Associate
  • Best for: Administrators, Power Users, Operators

AppDynamics Systems Implementation and Operations track consists of four certifications split across two tiers, a professional level tier and an associate level tier. Professional level certifications are designed for IT professionals with extensive real world experience in the implementation and use of AppDynamics technologies. Associate level certifications are designed for IT professionals who are light users of AppDynamics, new to AppDynamics or are changing careers and looking for an opportunity in the APM space. 

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Becoming AppDynamics certified allows you to differentiate yourself or your company in an increasingly competitive market — you’ll instantly gain recognition and credibility within the APM space and the greater IT industry. Lead the pack!

AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional (ACIP)

The AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional (ACIP) certification is designed for IT professionals who deploy AppDynamics technologies in enterprise environments. Individuals interested in pursuing the ACIP certification are advised to do the following:

  • Review the preparation guide for the APD-300 exam
  • Complete the Power User Learning Track (while completing this track is not required, it is highly recommended). Undertaking our training is a great way to learn about the topics assessed on the exam. For those with many years of experience with our technologies, our training provides the level of refresher necessary to bring you up to date with new product features and functionalities.  Please note: This will not provide the 6-12 months of practical experience that may be required in order to pass the ACIP exam.
  • Assent to the Certification Candidate Agreements for the ACIP certification at the beginning of the APD-300 exam
  • Take and pass the APD-300 exam

What does it mean to hold the AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional certification?

An individual who attains the AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional certification has demonstrated, through the passing of the associated exam, that he or she possesses the minimum acceptable level of knowledge and skills required to deploy AppDynamics Controllers, Agents, EUM Servers and Analytics Servers. This individual also has experience using AppDynamics APIs to extend and customize the AppDynamics platform.

Who should pursue the AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional certification?

Individuals who have experience deploying AppDynamics Controllers, Agents, EUM Servers and Analytics Servers. This group of individuals also have experience using AppDynamics APIs to extend and customize the AppDynamics platform.

What are some of the pre-requisite knowledge and skills not assessed on the exam associated with the certification that a successful examinee should have prior to sitting the exam?

  • Experience with XML
  • Experience with JSON
  • Power user knowledge of Windows or Linux
  • General knowledge of the usage of REST API
  • Experience troubleshooting and solving software related issues
  • Knowledge of one or more of the following: Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python
  • Knowledge of web application design, web services and common service frameworks

What are the knowledge and experience of the minimally qualified candidate for an AppDynamics Certification?

  • Understands user permissions in the context of Windows and Linux
  • Understands operating system resources such as memory, CPU, disk, network
  • Understands web applications architectures and design patterns, such as request and response transactions
  • Understands basic business transactions custom match rules (can separate two URLs and three URLs)
  • Understands application topology
  • Can define an application using the AppDynamics Monitoring Architecture
  • Can map the AppDynamics Intelligent Platform Architecture
  • Has installed the Controller following the user manual
  • Knows how to upgrade the Controller
  • Understands Agent deployment and validation
  • Can review Business Transaction Auto discovery strategy and update if required
  • Can create up to 5 Business Transactions/tier
  • Has enabled Transaction Analytics and validated them with default settings (No Configuration)
  • Has created health rules, alerts and policies
  • Has imported pre-created dashboards templates.
  • Can edit dashboards
  • Understands the architecture of an AppDynamics implementation, including a High Availability deployment
  • Has installed and configured AppDynamics Agents
  • Has managed and implemented on-premises Controller configuration
  • Can manage controller configuration management
  • Knows how to explore, test and configure complex Business Transaction detection rules
  • Has troubleshot Business Transactions using flow maps, snapshots, metric browser, diagnostics sessions, events
  • Has extended monitoring capabilities by using custom entry points, exit points, information points, data
  • Can configure collectors
  • Understands the concept of Analytics (Transaction and Log)
  • Has theoretical knowledge of Controller Self-Monitoring

Benefits of AppDynamics Certifications

Some of the many benefits of attaining an AppDynamics certification are:
  • Help you gain the recognition and credibility you deserve in the APM space
  • Increase your career opportunities and your chances of earning a higher salary in comparison to your peers who are not certified
  • Demonstrates your commitment to your craft
  • Makes you a member of our exclusive community for certified professionals

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