What is Cognition Engine?

Cognition Engine uses machine learning to automate anomaly detection and dramatically reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) for instant root-cause analysis. Correlate software and business performance in seconds and take action on performance problems in real time – without having to configure a single health rule.

Software Correlation

  • Automatically construct performance baselines and alerts instead of manual management of static thresholds

  • Leverage applied machine learning algorithms to automatically discover anomalies and broken correlation across millions of datasets

  • Mitigate the impact of performance issues on the customer experience with automated alarm correlation to specific Business Transactions

  • Create a common language around health baselines and alerts to drive anomaly detection and prioritize code development

Drive IT domain awareness by using advanced ML to correlate software and business performance.
Decrease MTTR with anomaly detection and AI-powered root-cause analysis

Automated Anomaly Detection

  • Using ML models, Anomaly Detection automatically learns what’s considered healthy for your application so that you don’t have to manually configure health rules

  • Get alerts for key Business Transactions to deliver swift diagnostics, root-cause analysis, and remediation down to the line of code, function, thread, or database causing problems

  • Analyze metrics and their associated behaviors to evaluate the health of the entire Business Transaction.

Cognition Engine is available to SaaS customers at no additional cost. Learn how to enable anomaly detection >

Automated Remediation

  • Reduce MTTR from minutes to seconds by automating the knowledge of exactly where to respond and when to initiate a performance fix

  • Understand the contextual insights about application and business health, predict performance deviations, and get alerts before serious customer impact

  • Self-learning agents take full snapshots of performance anomalies—including code, database calls, and infrastructure metrics—making it easy to determine root-cause

Automate remediation to prevent performance issues from impacting end users
Understand how application performance drives the customer journey from start to finish

User Flow Maps

  • Use automated topology to trace interactions and view them in dynamic visual flow maps as they propagate in your infrastructure

  • Analyze and learn from data instantly to fuel faster decision-making

  • Move away from manual configuration and maintenance of health rules

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Learn how Cognition Engine uses machine learning to automate anomaly detection