Apica - Monitoring Extension

http://www.apicasystem.com/ - Monitor your website and mobile application using Apica WebPerformance Monitor and verify your web- and mobile performance from an end-user perspective. Collect data using a real browser (Chrome,Firefox,IE) and set thresholds for alerts. Run scripts (Selenium, ProxySniffer) to monitor eCommerce applications, booking flows, login functions, etc. The Apica Network of agents enables the tests to be run from any of our 150+ Internet-based agent locations worldwide.


This monitor extension talks with the Apica API to deliver Metrics into the AppDynamics controller metrics browser.


* Put the attached Zip file into <machine-agent-install-folder>/monitors/ApicaMonitor

* Unzip the contents

* Edit monitor.xml with your registered Apica credentials

* Restart the agent

* Your metrics from Apica should appear in the metric browser (in the Controller)


Version 1.0





Always feel free to fork and contribute any changes directly via GitHub.