CouchBase - Monitoring Extension

CouchBase Monitoring Extension


This extension works only with the standalone machine agent.


Use Case


Couchbase Server is an open source, distributed (shared-nothing architecture) NoSQL document-oriented database that is optimized for interactive applications. This extension allows the user to connect to a specific cluster host and retrieve metrics about the cluster, all the nodes within the cluster and any buckets associated with the nodes.




  1. Download and unzip the CouchBaseMonitor zip file into the <machineagent install dir>/monitors/ directory.
  2. Open <machineagent install dir>/monitors/CouchBaseMonitor/monitor.xml and configure the CouchBase parameters.


             <argument name="host" is-required="false" default-value="localhost"/>
             <argument name="port" is-required="false" default-value="8091"/>
             <argument name="username" is-required="false" default-value="username"/>
             <argument name="password" is-required="false" default-value="password"/>
             <argument name="disabled-metrics-path" is-required="false" default-value="monitors/CouchBaseMonitor/conf/DisabledMetrics.xml"/>      
            <argument name="metric-prefix" is-required="false" default-value="Custom Metrics|CouchBase|"
  3. Open <machineagent install dir>/monitors/CouchBaseMonitor/conf/DisabledMetrics.xml and configure the list of disabled metrics. Here is a sample configuration of the disabled metrics:


         <Metric name="mem_free"/>
         <Metric name="mem_total"/>
  4. Restart the machine agent.
  5. In the AppDynamics Metric Browser, look for: Application Infrastructure Performance | <Tier> | Custom Metrics | CouchBase

 Password Encryption Support

To avoid setting the clear text password in the monitor.xml. Please follow the process to encrypt the password and set the encrypted password and the key in the monitor.xml
1. Download the util jar to encrypt the password from here 
2. Encrypt password from the commandline
java -cp "appd-exts-commons-1.1.2.jar" com.appdynamics.extensions.crypto.Encryptor myKey myPassword
3. Add the properties in the monitor.xml. Substitute the default-value
<argument name="password-encrypted" is-required="true" default-value="<ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD>"/>
<argument name="encryption-key" is-required="false" default-value="myKey"/>




Metric Category: Cluster Metrics


Metric NameDescription
ram_totalTotal ram available to cluster (bytes)
ram_quotaUsedRam quota used by the cluster (bytes)
ram_usedByDataRam used by the data in the cluster (bytes)
ram_quotaTotalRam quota total for the cluster (bytes)
ram_usedRam used by the cluster (bytes)
hdd_totalTotal harddrive space available to cluster (bytes)
hdd_usedHarddrive space used by the cluster (bytes)
hdd_usedByDataHarddrive use by the data in the cluster(bytes)
hdd_quotaTotalHarddrive quota total for the cluster (bytes)
hdd_freeFree harddrive space in the cluster (bytes)


Metric Category: Node Metrics


Metric NameDescription
memoryFreeAmount of memory free for the node (bytes)
vb_replica_curr_itemsNumber of items/documents that are replicas
couch_docs_data_sizeData size of couch documents associated with a node (bytes)
mem_totalTotal memory available to the node (bytes)
mcdMemoryAllocatedAmount of memcached memory allocated (bytes)
mcdMemoryReservedAmount of memcached memory reserved (bytes)
uptimeTime during which the node was in operation (sec)
ep_bg_fetchedNumber of disk fetches performed since server was started
mem_usedMemory used by the node (bytes)
memoryTotalTotal memory available to the node (bytes)
get_hitsNumber of get hits
curr_itemsNumber of current items
cmd_getNumber of get commands
couch_views_actual_disk_sizeAmount of disk space occupied by Couch views (bytes)
swap_usedAmount of swap space used.(bytes)
cpu_utilization_rateThe CPU utilization rate (%)
couch_views_data_sizeSize of object data for Couch views (bytes)
curr_items_totTotal number of items associated with node
couch_docs_actual_disk_sizeAmount of disk space used by Couch docs.(bytes)
swap_totalTotal swap size allocated (bytes)
opsNumber of operations performed on Couchbase


Metric Category: Bucket Metrics


Metric NameDescription
opsPerSecNumber of operations per second
rawRAMAmount of raw RAM used by the bucket (bytes)
diskFetchesNumber of disk fetches
ramAmount of RAM used by the bucket (bytes)
dataUsedSize of user data within buckets of the specified state that are resident in RAM.(%)
memUsedAmount of memory used by the bucket (bytes)
itemCountNumber of items associated with the bucket
diskUsedAmount of disk used (bytes)
quotaPercentUsedPercentage of RAM used (for active objects) against the configure bucket size.(%)




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