HBase - Monitoring Extension

The HBase custom monitor captures HBase statistics from the JMX server and displays them in the AppDynamics Metric Browser.


This extension works only with the standalone machine agent.





Note: The HBase Server mustenable JMX metrics.


  1. Download and extract the HBaseMonitor zip file into the <machine-agent-home-dir>/monitors directory.


  2. Configure your HBase server settings in <machine-agent-home-dir>/monitors/HBaseMonitor/config.yaml file:

  3. dbname: "test"
          host: "localhost"
          port: 10101
          user: "monitorRole"
          pass: "monitorpass"
  4. Restart the Machine Agent.
  5. In the AppDynamics Metric Browser, look for: Application Infrastructure Performance | <Tier> | Custom Metrics | HBase | <DB name>|Activity




Metric NameDescription
Block Cache CountBlock cache item count in memory. This is the number of blocks of StoreFiles (HFiles) in the cache.
Block Cache Evicted CountNumber of blocks that had to be evicted from the block cache due to heap size constraints.
Block Cache FreeBlock cache memory available (bytes).
Block Cache Hit Caching RatioBlock cache hit caching ratio (0 to 100). The cache-hit ratio for reads configured to look in the cache (i.e., cacheBlocks=true).
Block Cache Hit CountNumber of blocks of StoreFiles (HFiles) read from the cache.
Block Cache Hit RatioBlock cache hit ratio (0 to 100). Includes all read requests, although those with cacheBlocks=false will always read from disk and be counted as a "cache miss".
Block Cache Miss CountNumber of blocks of StoreFiles (HFiles) requested but not read from the cache.
Block Cache SizeBlock cache size in memory (bytes). i.e., memory in use by the BlockCache
Compaction Queue SizeSize of the compaction queue. This is the number of Stores in the RegionServer that have been targeted for compaction.
Flush Queue SizeNumber of enqueued regions in the MemStore awaiting flush.
Filesystem Read Latency Avg TimeFilesystem read latency (ms). This is the average time to read from HDFS.
Filesystem Read Latency OperationsFilesystem read operations.
Filesystem Sync Latency Avg TimeFilesystem sync latency (ms). Latency to sync the write-ahead log records to the filesystem.
Filesystem Sync Latency OperationsNumber of operations to sync the write-ahead log records to the filesystem.
Filesystem Write Latency Avg TimeFilesystem write latency (ms). Total latency for all writers, including StoreFiles and write-head log.
Filesystem Write Latency OperationsNumber of filesystem write operations, including StoreFiles and write-ahead log.
Memstore Size (MB)Sum of all the memstore sizes in this RegionServer (MB)
RegionsNumber of regions served by the RegionServer
RequestsTotal number of read and write requests. Requests correspond to RegionServer RPC calls, thus a single Get will result in 1 request, but a Scan with caching set to 1000 will result in 1 request for each 'next' call (i.e., not each row). A bulk-load request will constitute 1 request per HFile.
Store File Index Size (MB)Sum of all the StoreFile index sizes in this RegionServer (MB)
StoresNumber of Stores open on the RegionServer. A Store corresponds to a ColumnFamily. For example, if a table (which contains the column family) has 3 regions on a RegionServer, there will be 3 stores open for that column family.
Store FilesNumber of StoreFiles open on the RegionServer. A store may have more than one StoreFile (HFile).


Metric Browser






Always feel free to fork and contribute any changes directly viaGitHub.




For any questions or feature request, please contactAppDynamics Center of Excellence.






Last Update:

07 Oct 2015


Release notes: 

1.1: Fixed to work with empty username & password fields

1.2: Improved logging and fixed metric names.

1.3: Added support for multiple HBase servers.

1.4: Fixed JMX connection leak