AppDynamics Alerting Extension for use with Hipchat


This extension works only with a dedicated SaaS controller or an on-prem controller. Alerting extensions, currently do not support multi-tenant SaaS controllers


Use Case

The HipChat alerting extension enables AppDynamics to post custom notifications as messages to a provided HipChat room. Chat room members can see a brief description of the health rule violation or event and get more detail on AppDynamics by following the URL provided in the alert message.


  • You have a HipChat v2 Account. HipChat v1 is not supported.
  • You have a chat room created (and active) to send alert messages to.
  • You have either admin or notifications auth_token authorized to make hipchat API calls.

Installation Steps

  1. Download the HipChat Alerting Extension zip.
  2. Create a directory as <controller-install-dir>\custom\actions\hipchat-alert
  3. Unzip the contents from zip in the above directory. 
  4. Specify the values the properties in
  5. In directory = <controller-install-dir>\custom\actions add custom.xml, add below action in xml file(modify if the file already exists, and merge the below action)

             <!-- For windows *.bat -->
             <executable>hipchat-alert. bat</executable>
             <!-- For Linux/Unix *.sh -->
             <!-- executable></executable -->
  6. UnComment the appropriate executable tag in custom.xml based on windows or linux/unix machine.

  7. Installing Custom Actions:

     To create a Custom Action, first refer to the the following topics (requires login):

Now you are ready to use this extension as a custom action. In the AppDynamics UI, go to Alert & Respond -> Actions. Click Create Action. Select Custom Action and click OK. In the drop-down menu you can find the action called 'hipchat-alert'.








Message in HipChat



Always feel free to fork and contribute any changes directly here on GitHub.


For any questions or feature request, please contact AppDynamics Center of Excellence.



Last Update:

19 Feb 2018

v2.0: supports on-premise HipChat Server installation.

v2.1: Added support for HipChat v2 and removed HipChat v1 support

v2.1.1: Added changes to ignore ssl certificate mismatch issue

v2.1.2: Added proxy support

v2.1.3: Updated Licenses

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