HP Operations Manager - Alerting Extension


This extension works only with an on-prem controller only. 

Use Case

HP Operations Manager software provided large-scale system and network management of an organization's IT infrastructure. It is also called HP Open View.


You should have the opcmsg executable on the Controller. For this, please install the HP OM agent on the machine where Controller resides.

Installation Steps

1. Download the HP Open View Alerting Extension zip.

2. Unzip the hpopenview-alert.zip file into <CONTROLLER_HOME_DIR>/custom/actions/ . You should have <CONTROLLER_HOME_DIR>/custom/actions/hpopenview-alert created.

3. Check if you have custom.xml file in <CONTROLLER_HOME_DIR>/custom/actions/ directory. If yes, add the following xml to the <custom-actions> element.

          <!-- For Linux/Unix *.sh -->
          <!-- For windows *.bat -->


 If you don't have custom.xml already, create one with the below xml content

            <!-- For Linux/Unix *.sh -->
            <!-- For windows *.bat -->

     Uncomment the appropriate executable tag based on windows or linux/unix machine.

4. Update the config.yaml file with path to the "opcmsg" executable.


Please make sure to not use tab (\t) while editing yaml files. You may want to validate the yaml file using a yaml validator http://yamllint.com/

#complete path to the binary or exe which includes the binary or exe. Use proper separators for Windows and Unix. For windows, escape the "\" char with another "\"
 # For eg. "C:\\HP\\bin\\opcmsg"
 pathToExecutable: ""
 #Message group for HP OpenView
 msgGroup: "AppDynamics"

#public url for controller (http://<host>:<port> or https://<host>:<port>)
controllerUrl : ""

 5. Now you are ready to use this extension as a custom action. In the AppDynamics UI, go to Alert & Respond -> Actions. Click Create Action. Select Custom Action and click OK. In the drop-down menu you can find the action called 'hpopenview-alert'.


Always feel free to fork and contribute any changes directly via Github.


For any questions or feature request, please contact AppDynamics Support.





Last Update:

19th Feb, 2018

1.0.1 - Release version

1.0.2 - Support for 4.x controller 

1.0.3 - Support for controller url

1.0.4 - Fixes for quotes

1.0.6 - Fixes path to java

1.0.7 - affected entity passed to opcmsg command

1.0.8 - Updated Licenses