Jenkins AppDynamics Integration Plugin

Jenkins is a CI (Continuous Integration) system for building applications and executing certain tasks such as performing a load-test. There are many plugins available for Jenkins that extend its possibilities.


The AppDynamics plugin for Jenkins is created to get performance information from AppDynamics as to how your application behaved during a performance test. It is comparable to the JMeter plugin and can e.g. let your build fail if performance degrades too much.



The AppDynamics plugin needs to be installed on Jenkins. It is either possible to install the plugin via the Jenkins administration interface, or download and build the plugin from source and install manually (see below for the GitHub link)


Getting Started

After installing on Jenkins, add the "AppDynamics Performance Publisher" as post-build step to your job.

The plugin is written to get performance metrics for the duration of the build-job. So it expects that you run the actual performance test within the same build job. Otherwise you need to configure a minimum measure time.


Settings are explained in the GUI itself or on the Jenkins plugin documentation page.


For any questions or feature requests, please contact


Compatibility:3.0 or later
Last Update:5 February 2013


We welcome your suggestions and additions. Feel free to fork the project on GitHuband contribute back any changes.





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