AppDynamics Extension for Keynote Monitoring

Keynote Monitor for AppDynamics


An AppDynamics Machine Agent extension to import data from Keynote Systems’ monitoring platform.


Keynote is a web-based performance monitor that uses synthetic browser agents to test website performance and availability.


This eXtension requires the Standalone Machine Agent.



  1. Obtain an API key from the Keynote API console.


  1. Download from AppSphere.
  2. Copy into the directory where you installed the machine agent, under $AGENT_HOME/monitors.
  3. Unzip the file. This will create a new directory called KeynoteMonitor.
  4. In $AGENT_HOME/monitors/KeynoteMonitor, edit the file monitor.xml and configure the plugin.
  5. Restart the machine agent.


Configuration for this monitor is in the monitor.xml file in the monitor directory. All of the configurable options are in the<task-arguments> section.

An API key generated from the Keynote API console. Required.
A comma-separated list of measurement slot names to be excluded from import. You can use regular expressions for more specific matching. Optional.


Metrics Provided


Per-Slot Metrics

The following metrics are reported for each measurement slot defined in Keynote:


Metric NameDescription
PerformanceDataTotal time to execute the measurement script.
AvailabilityDataExternal availability of the resource, expressed as a percentage.




Keynote Screenshot



For any questions or feature requests, please contact the AppDynamics Center of Excellence.


Version: 1.0.5
Controller Compatibility: 3.6 or later
Last Updated: 19th Feb, 2018
Author: Todd Radel



Always feel free to fork and contribute any changes directly via GitHub.



For any questions or feature request, please contact AppDynamics Support.