MEAS z/OS Mainframe - Monitoring Extension

Use Case


The MEAS z/OS Mainframe Monitoring Extension integrates the MEAS system with AppDynamics Pro to give users visibility into key events and metrics for applications that execute on the Mainframe z/OS platform or traverse both open and mainframe platforms. The operations team can utilize a single tool and methodology to monitor both open and mainframe applications plus applying policies against all metrics. Leveraging AppDynamics and the MEAS Mainframe monitoring extensions provides:


* Visibility into mainframe applications or mainframe applications called form distributed systems;
* Complete end-to-end application topology mapping and performance monitoring;
* One product to manage open systems and mainframe application performance;


AppDynamics/MEAS provides visibility into the following:


* DB2 Database metrics
* CICS metrics
* z/OS metrics
* RMF metrics




The MEAS monitor (the mainframe monitoring software) and MEAS Server (the open-systems based message handler) components can be installed in approximately 4 hours. The software is packaged so that after customization of a few jobs and operational parameters (specific ports, events filters etc.), mainframe application data will be sent to your AppDynamics platform.


The monitor runs as low overhead Started Tasks (STC) on each logical partition (LPAR) that runs the application being monitored. A typical method to start the monitor is to issue the “S MEASAP.MEAS” command from the operators console or an automated job management facility. As mainframe events and metrics are passed to MEAS server for data formatting and hand-off to the AppDynamics machine agent. MEAS Server is java based and can run on any open-systems platform (Windows, Unix, Linux, VMware) as well as Unix Systems Services (USS).


A typical method to start the MEAS Server is to issue the “java meas/MeasServer 41000 h=http://localhost:82939” command from the command prompt. This may vary depending upon your site specific requirements. Please refer to the MEAS Installation and User Guide for more details.


A typical method to start the AppDynamics machine agent “java –Xms1500m –Xms1500m –Dmetric.http.listener=true –Dappdynamics.agent.maxMetrics=10000 –jar machineagent.jar”. This may vary depending upon your site specific requirements. See Metric Sizing section below.


Any configuration required for the MEAS server to talk to the AppDynamics machine agent?

The “h=” parameter in the MEAS server startup indicates how to communicate with the Appdynamics machine agent:
“java meas/MeasServer 41000 h=http://localhost:82939”. Please refer to the MEAS Installation and MEAS User Guide for more details.


Metric Sizing

The number of metrics that your local z/OS LPARs, CICS Regions and DB2 Subsystems will vary depending on the amount artifacts you have in your environment. To aid you into specifying the correct value for the -Dappdynamics.agent.maxMetrics= argument, please unzip and use the attached sizing spreadsheet AppDynamics MEAS Metric Sizing


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