AppDynamics Extension for Pingdom - Monitoring

Pingdom ( is a service that tracks website uptime, downtime, and performance. The Pingdom monitoring extension uses the REST API from Pingdom to retrieve key metrics for your Pingdom Checks. It also retrieves other important data such as remaining Checks and remaining SMS credits.


This extension works only with the standalone machine agent.





The monitor.xml file is used to execute the Java code that will start the monitoring extension. It contains tags for your Pingdom credentials, as well as a tag where you can specify your own metric path. If you specify the metric path, only a single tier will receive metrics from this monitor.  


  1. Deploy the attached into <machine-agent-install-dir>/monitors
  2. Unzip the deployed file.
  3. In the newly created <machine-agent-install-dir>/monitors/PingdomMonitor directory, edit the monitor.xml file:

    a. set the credentials to your Pingdom account
  4. b. configure your own metric path (optional)
  5. Restart the Machine Agent.

  6. Look for the metrics in the Metric Browser at: "Custom Metrics|Pingdom Monitor" or your specified path.

Custom Dashboard Example


The custom dashboard below contains a custom heading graphic, three monitors, and an iframe containing an external web site (on the right).






Always feel free to fork and contribute any changes directly viaGitHub.




For any questions or feature request, please contactAppDynamics Center of Excellence.






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