AppDynamics Process Monitoring Extension


Use Case

This extension requires AppDynamics Java Machine agent.

Process Monitoring Extension gathers process metrics from a Linux/Windows/Solaris/AIX machine and reports to AppDynamics Controller. It utilizes the ps command in Unix like systems and Sigar library in Windows to fetch basic process metrics.

This can also be used as a process checker (identify whether a process is running/not running) by its metric "Running Instances". If the configured process is not running, the "Running Instances" metric value reported is "ZERO".

Apart from the "Running Instances" metric, other process metrics are reported ONLY if the extension detects a single instance of the process running ("Running Instances" metric value is "ONE").

Note: If running on Windows, this extension has Sigar dependencies. Please make sure to copy Windows OS related Sigar files (sigar-*.jar, sigar-amd64-winnt.dll, sigar-x86-winnt.dll) from <MachineAgent>\lib to <MachineAgent>\monitorLibs



  1. Download the attached
  2. Configure the extension by editing the config.yml. Refer to the Configuration section for details.
  3. Verify the extension output in workbench mode and make sure desired metrics are reported. Check in WorkBench section for details.
  4. Restart the Machine Agent

In the AppDynamics Metric Browser, look for: Application Infrastructure Performance | <Tier> | Individual Nodes | <Node> | Custom Metrics | Process Monitor | <OS> Processes



Note: Please make sure to not use tab (\t) while editing yaml files. You may want to validate the yaml file using a yaml validator

Note: Please use workbench mode to verify the metrics while experimenting with various configurations in config.yml to arrive at the desired result.

Edit the config.yml file in <MACHINE_AGENT_HOME>/monitors/ProcessMonitor/ to update the following.

  1. metricPrefix: If you wish to report metrics only to the tier which this MachineAgent is reporting to, please comment the second metricPrefix and update the "<Component-ID>" with TierID or TierName in the first metricPrefix.
metricPrefix: "Server|Component:<Component-ID>|Custom Metrics|Process Monitor|"
metricPrefix: "Custom Metrics|Process Monitor|"
  1. instances: process instances that are to be monitored. displayName which is mandatory is used to render the process name on the metric browser and all the process metrics are reported under this name. The process to be monitored can be configured in three ways: regex/pid/pidFile. For process checker, in case of regex, please make sure the pattern uniquely identifies the process of interest.
   - displayName: "machine agent"
     regex: ".* machineagent.jar"
   - displayName: "ssh"
     pid: "1056"
   - displayName: "mysql"
     pidFile: "/opt/mysql/db/"
    While using regex, it is advisable to use any of the online regex validators (eg: regextester) to match the regex against the process command line path to verify if it matches.
  1. Commands (Optional). The underlying OS command can be modified to fetch any additional metrics if required. Please execute the command and make sure there is a valid output in a tabular format. Please check man pages for unix like systems. We do not support this option for Windows environment.
  process: "ps -eo pid,%cpu=CPU%,%mem=Memory%,rsz=RSS,args"
  process: "ps -eo pid,pcpu=CPU%, -o pmem=Memory%, -o rss=RSS -o args"
  process: "ps -eo pid,pcpu=CPU%,pmem=Memory%,rss=RSS,args"
  1. metrics (Optional). Existing metric properties can be modified in this section. If additional metrics are added in the commands, please configure them here with appropriate metric properties for extension to report these metrics. Supported properties are alias, multiplier, delta.
  - CPU%:
     multiplier: 1
  - Memory%:
     alias: "Memory%"
  - RSS:
     alias: "Resident Set Size"
  - Running Instances:
     alias: "Running Instances"



  1. Running Instances: Count of the matched processes that are identified by regex. The following metrics are reported only if this metric value is ONE.
  2. CPU%
  3. Resident Set Size
  4. Memory% (Not reported for Windows)


Configuring additional Metrics

Additional metrics can be configured in unix like systems by adding them to the respective commands in config.yml. For example if Virtual Memory Size of a Linux process is needed, the linux command can be modified to the following

      process: "ps -eo pid,%cpu=CPU%,%mem=Memory%,rsz=RSS,vsz=VSZ,args"

and the metric properties to

   - VSZ:
      alias: "Virtual Memory Size"



Workbench is a feature that lets you preview the metrics before registering it with the controller. This is useful if you want to fine tune the configurations. Workbench is embedded into the extension jar. To use the workbench

  1. Deploy the extension and make all tne necessary configurations.
  2. Start the workbench with the command java -jar /path/to/MachineAgent/monitors/ProcessMonitor/process-monitoring-extension.jar This starts an http server at http://host:9090/. This can be accessed from the browser.
  3. If the server is not accessible from outside/browser, you can use the following end points to see the list of registered metrics and errors. #Get the stats curl http://localhost:9090/api/stats #Get the registered metrics curl http://localhost:9090/api/metric-paths
  4. You can make the changes to config.yml and validate it from the browser or the API
  5. Once the configuration is complete, you can kill the workbench and start the Machine Agent



  1. For missing custom metrics, please refer to the KB article here
  2. In windows, if there is a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/hyperic/sigar/SigarException in machine-agent.log, please copy Windows OS related Sigar files (sigar-*.jar, sigar-amd64-winnt.dll, sigar-x86-winnt.dll) from <MachineAgent>/lib to <MachineAgent>/monitorsLibs.
  3. For regex, some examples and their outcomes:
 process command line: "/opt/push-jobs-client/bin/ruby /opt/push-jobs-client/bin/pushy-client -c /etc/push-jobs-clientb"
   regex                         Matches
   ".*pushy-client.*"            True
   ".*pushy-client .*"           True
   ".*pushy-client  .*"          False
   ".* pushy-client.*"           False

Please test your regex using any of the online validators (eg: regextester).


Metric Browser

Custom Dashboard

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 6.41.53 PM.png



Always feel free to fork and contribute any changes directly via GitHub.



For any questions or feature request, please contact AppDynamics Support.





Last Update:

2nd Jan, 2018


ACE certified for Linux and Windows Server 2008 R2


2.0.1: Extension Revamped