Python SDK for Controller REST API

The REST SDK extension provides a high-level Python interface to accelerate your development of programs that use the AppDynamics REST API. Here are some of the things you can do with it:


  • Retrieve lists of business applications, tiers, and nodes.
  • Retrieve metric values as native Python objects.
  • Find out how many licenses you're using on different tiers.
  • Build your own automated reports.
  • ...and practically anything else you can think of.



You will need Python 2.7 and a package manager such aseasy_install or PIP.



From a source distribution

Unzip the file and execute:

python install

The setup script should download and install any prerequisites, then install the module in your Python site-packages folder.


From a binary (egg) distribution

Unzip the file and execute:

easy_install AppDynamicsREST-0.2.0-py2.7.egg

The installer should take it from there.


Getting Started


After installation, go through the README.html file, then look at the files in the examples directory to see how to use the library.




For any questions or feature requests, please contactAppDynamics Center of Excellence.





3.5 or later

Last Update:

3 October 2013