Slack - Alerting Extension


Use of custom actions for HTTP based integrations is no longer supported. Please look at HTTP Request Templates on how HTTP based integrations can be done. For sample HTTP templates, please check this article.


Use Case

The Slack alerting extension enables AppDynamics to post custom notifications as messages to Slack channels. Users can see a brief description of the health rule violation or event and get more detail on AppDynamics by following the URL provided in the alert message. This extension utilizes Slack Incoming Webhooks to post messages into slack.


  • Webhook URL is required for this extension to post events to Slack. Setup incoming Webhook integration for your slack team if not configured. For details, please refer here

Installation Steps

  1. Download and Unzip the file into <CONTROLLER_HOME_DIR>/custom/actions/.

  2. Check if you have custom.xml file in <CONTROLLER_HOME_DIR>/custom/actions/ directory. If yes, add the following xml to the element.

              <!-- For Linux/Unix *.sh -->
              <!-- For windows *.bat -->

    If you don't have custom.xml already, create one with the below xml content

                <!-- For Linux/Unix *.sh -->
                <!-- For windows *.bat -->

    Uncomment the appropriate executable tag based on windows or linux/unix machine.

  3. Update the config.yml file in <CONTROLLER_HOME_DIR>/custom/actions/slack-alert/conf/ directory with the required parameters. Please make sure to not use tab (\t) while editing yaml files. You may want to validate the yaml file using a yaml validator

      # Slack Webhook URL to post events from AppD to Slack
      webhookUrl: ""    
      # (optional) Overrides channel and username configured when creating Webhook.
      # Specify if events to be posted to a different channel and with a different identity.
      channel: ""
      username: ""
      #http timeouts
      connectTimeout: 10000
      socketTimeout: 10000
      #proxy details, provide either proxyUri OR proxyHost and proxyPort.
  4. Please refer to the following docs to create a Custom Action

    Now you are ready to use this extension as a custom action. In the AppDynamics UI, go to Alert & Respond -> Actions. Click Create Action. Select Custom Action and click OK. In the drop-down menu you can find the action called 'slack-alert'.

    A policy has to be associated with this action for it to be triggered. Refer the docs below

  5. Look for the newest created message in Slack. Sample screenshot of the message is here


Always feel free to fork and contribute any changes directly via GitHub


For any questions or feature request, please contact AppDynamics Support.


Controller Compatibility:4.0+
Last Update06th Mar, 2017

Releases Notes

  • 1.0.2: log4j fix and proxy support
  • 1.0.3: modified java path in script files