Static - Monitoring Extension

(Previously called "Flag - Monitoring Extension")


This eXtension works only with the standalone machine agent.




Once per minute, this monitoring extension reads metrics from the metrics.xml file and reports them to the AppDynamics Controller.


For example, you can create a metric named "maintenance mode" and put a value of 0 if the node (where the corresponding Machine Agent is installed) is not in maintenance mode, and a value of 1 if it is in maintenance mode.


At any time you can make manual (or automated) updates -- such as changes in the value or name of a metric -- to the metrics.xml file. It will take up to one minute for the Static Monitoring Extension to report these updates to the Controller.


This extension also gives you the opportunity to create policy alerting based on AND or OR clauses.


For example, if the traffic of a node falls below a certain threshold AND this node is not in maintenance mode, you can have an AppDynamics policy trigger an action.





  1. Run 'ant package' from the static-monitoring-extension directory
  2. Deploy the file located in the 'dist' directory into <machineagent install dir>/monitors/
  3. Unzip the deployed file
  4. In <machineagent install dir>/monitors/StaticMonitor/ open metrics.xml and enter data for at least one metric.
  5. Optional but recommended. Open monitor.xml and configure a custom metric path (see monitor.xml for instructions)
  6. Restart the Machine Agent.

Look for the metrics in the AppDynamics Metric Browser at: Application Infrastructure Performance | <Tier> | Custom Metrics | Static Monitor | <Metric name> or at: Application Infrastructure Performance | <Tier> | <your configured name (optional)>



Directory Structure


confContains the monitor.xml and metrics.xml files
libContains third-party project references
srcContains source code to the Static monitoring extension
distOnly obtained when using ant. Run 'ant build' to get binaries. Run 'ant package' to get the distributable .zip file
build.xmlAnt build script to package the project (required only if changing Java code)


XML files:

  • monitor.xml: This is used to execute the Java code which will start the monitoring extension. You might need to configure the path to metrics.xml (explained in Installation Steps)
  • metrics.xml: Define your own custom metrics here, and update this file at any time. The metrics will be reported to the Controller once per minute.

Note: Main Java File: src/main/java/com/appdynamics/monitors/staticmonitor/ -> This file contains the metric parsing and printing.





Always feel free to fork and contribute any changes directly via GitHub.





For any questions or feature request, please contactAppDynamics Center of Excellence.







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