AppDynamics Extensions for Tuxedo Monitoring

This extension works only with the standalone machine agent.



Tuxedo is an application server for non-Java languages. Specifically what this means is that it provides a bunch of facilities that help customers build and deploy enterprise applications written in C, C++, COBOL, and with the SALT add-on applications written in Python and Ruby. 


Tuxedo Monitoring Extension collect the stats from the Tuxedo Server through the tmadmin utility.



This requires the tuxedo server to be running and configured as described in the tuxedo installation instructions. Please try to run the command "tmadmin -r" from a command window to make sure that everything is setup correctly.



1. Download and unzip the to "<MachineAgent>/monitors" directory

2. Edit the file config.yml and add the details of the tuxedo domain(s). Multiple domains can be added to the file. Please note that yml is very strict interms of syntax. Please validate the yml at yamllint


tmadminCommandThe tmadmin command to run "tmadmin -r".
If you need this to run as a different user "sudo -u tuxUser1 -i tmadmin -r"
domainNameAny value that differentiates the Tuxedo Domain. The metric path is derived from the value of this property. For eg. if the domain name is domain1, then the metric prefix will be "Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|domain1"
envVariablesThe list of name value pairs. These variables will be added to the tmadmin execution environment.


3. Restart the machine agent




Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Bulletin Board|Servers
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Bulletin Board|Services
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Bulletin Board|Queues
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Bulletin Board|Groups
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Bulletin Board|Interfaces
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Groups|$GROUPNAME|Queues|$QNAME|Requests Done
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Groups|$GROUPNAME|Queues|$QNAME|Requests per Minute
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Groups|$GROUPNAME|Queues|$QNAME|Load Done
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Groups|$GROUPNAME|Queues|$QNAME|Load per Minute
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Groups|$GROUPNAME|Queues|$QNAME|Up Time (mins)
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Transactions|TMGACTIVE
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Transactions|TMGABORTONLY
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Transactions|TMGABORTED
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Transactions|TMGCOMCALLED
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Transactions|TMGREADY
Custom Metrics|Tuxedo|$DOMAIN|Transactions|TMGDECIDED


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Always feel free to fork and contribute any changes directly via GitHub.



For any support questions, please contact