VictorOps - Alerting Extension


Use of custom actions for HTTP based integrations is no longer supported. Please look at HTTP Request Templates on how HTTP based integrations can be done. For sample HTTP templates, please check this article.

Use Case

VictorOps is an on-call management + incident notification platform. The VictorOps alerting extension enables AppDynamics to post AppDynamics events as custom alerts to VictopOps. The payload of the alert has a link to AppDynamics for a thorough diagnosis of the event.




  • You should have a VictorOps Organization Key and Routing Key




  1. Download the VictorOps Alerting Extension zip from the Attachments section below.
  2. Unzip the file into <CONTROLLER_HOME_DIR>/custom/actions/ . You should have <CONTROLLER_HOME_DIR>/custom/actions/victorops-alert created.
  3. Check if you have custom.xml file in <CONTROLLER_HOME_DIR>/custom/actions/ directory. If yes, add the following xml to the <custom-actions> element.
     <!-- For Linux/Unix *.sh -->
      <!-- For windows *.bat -->

   If you don't have custom.xml already, create one with the below xml content


          <!-- For Linux/Unix *.sh -->
        <!-- For windows *.bat -->

  Uncomment the appropriate executable tag based on windows or linux/unix machine.


 4. Update the config.yaml file in <CONTROLLER_HOME_DIR>/custom/actions/victorops-alert/conf/ directory with the Organization Key, Routing Key. You can also configure the level of details sent to VictorOps.

Note : Please make sure to not use tab (\t) while editing yaml files. You may want to validate the yaml file using a yaml validator


	#VictorOps Org Key
	voOrganizationKey: ""
	#VictorOps Routing Key
	voRoutingKey: ""
	#scheme used (http/https)
	protocol: "https"
	#VictorOps host
	voAlertHost: ""
	#VictorOps url path
	voAlertUrlPath: "/integrations/generic/20131114/alert"
	#http timeouts
	connectTimeout: 10000
	socketTimeout: 10000
	#control level of details in VO alert
	showDetails: false



6. Installing Custom Actions:


    To create a Custom Action, first refer to the the following topics (requires login):
    * [Creating custom action]
    * [Build an Alerting Extension]


Now you are ready to use this extension as a custom action. In the AppDynamics UI, go to Alert & Respond -> Actions. Click Create Action. Select Custom Action and click OK. In the drop-down menu you can find the action called 'victorops-alert'.


 VictorOps Alert







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Last Update:



1.0.3 : Added policy_close events, fixed the jdk path.

2.0   :  Adding support for account information to support arguments passed in controller 4.0+

2.1   :  Changed path to java

2.2   :  Updated Licenses



Note: This extension works only with a dedicated SaaS controller or an on-prem controller. Alerting extensions, currently do not support multi-tenant SaaS controllers.