Compare Cisco AppDynamics, Dynatrace, and New Relic

See why leading enterprises choose Cisco AppDynamics — the world’s #1 fastest-growing application performance management (APM) solution and only player to focus our efforts on one unified platform — for our ease of deployment.

Why IT Teams Choose AppDynamics

Precision, security, control

Our existing agents allow you to directly target the processes that you want instrumented, deploy using your own deployment tools and best practices, and adhere to the highest levels of security — security fit to protect your crown jewel applications.

Only the components you want

When other vendors say they only require one agent, they really mean one installer. This forces you to manually uninstall the components you don’t want to save on associated overhead. Cisco AppDynamics allows you to quickly select what to instrument during the installation process.

Define success for yourself

Where other vendors pre-select a limited number of data points you can use to monitor your performance and measure success, our agents let you pick the data points that matter most to you. It’s up to you what defines success for your application, your business, and your customers.

Real business insights

Unlike competing solutions, AppDynamics’ Business iQ is not merely a repackaging of existing capabilities. It is a first-of-its-kind tool, built from the ground up to provide robust business insights in real time and provide IT teams and business leaders with one common language. Fewer war rooms, more time to create exceptional customer experiences.

AI-powered from the ground up

AppDynamics’ platform is the only one of its kind built with machine learning capabilities from inception. Our Cognition Engine leverages that machine learning to provide automated anomaly detection, root cause analysis and automated action. And together with Cisco, through our Central Nervous System, we are uniquely positioned in the APM landscape to bring the future of AIOps to your business.

One unified platform

Cisco AppDynamics is the sole APM vendor of the top three players to channel all its efforts into one unified platform. No need for end-users to navigate the choppy waters of resolving issues across multiple platforms.


We chose AppDynamics for its ease of use. No custom instrumentation or configuration was required.

Ryan Aylward, Chief Technology Officer, Glassdoor

Seamless Integration With Everything You Use

As a trusted, established leader in APM, AppDynamics integrates with everything you use ⁠— and we also remain on the cutting edge with industry firsts, such as support for .NET Core 3.0 both on premise and in the cloud.

Cloud and Container Environments

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