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Crucial technology for unprecedented application demand

AppDynamics provides full visibility into the most critical services and business transactions that make up your applications. With our APM tools, you can manage your health rules to help reduce alert noise during these times of higher traffic demand, quickly diagnose anomalies, and identify root causes faster to troubleshoot slow response times.

World class APM in action: The French Ministry of Health

The French Ministry of Health quickly worked with Nouveal e-santé to develop and deploy an application called COVIDOM to monitor the health of patients who tested positive for COVID-19 but were healthy enough to quarantine at home. AppDynamics technology allowed them to get the app up and running in time for its release.

  • COVIDOM now manages more than 186,000 Patients, 1,650,000 questionnaires, 23,000 enrolled doctors and 216 health institutions
  • Nouveal e-santé is proposing COVIDOM to other countries thanks to the support of AppDynamics

New report highlights IT trends in response to COVID-19

We interviewed 1,000 IT professionals across the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Canada, UAE, Russia, Japan, and Singapore to better understand how the pandemic is impacting business continuity efforts. See what these Agents of Transformation had to say in our new special report.

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