Financial Services

Monitor online banking apps, credit processing, claims processing, payment processing, anti-fraud and customer support with AppDynamics.

Most financial institutions have web and mobile apps these days. To keep up and differentiate from their competition, financial companies need to offer a feature-rich app that gives users an exceptional experience and easy access to their accounts.

Customers expect an online financial app that is easy to use regardless of device, highly available and performs well, even during peak times. Complex financial app environments, increasing throughout, support for different devices, dependencies on external services (ccard rewards, customer service chat, deposit checks, etc) all contribute to an environment that is constantly changing and difficult to manage.


  • Ensure that the servers supporting the online banking app are up and running.

  • Make sure critical apps are performing.

Cloud auto scaling

  • When service latency degrades 1 standard deviation from the baseline for the ‘web crawling service’ tier, provision another instance in public cloud (Amazon and Azure supported out of the box).
  • Conversely when service latency improves 1 standard deviation above the baseline, instances can be de-provisioned to save money.

Capacity planning

Scale infrastructure to handle onboarding a large number of new users.


  • Isolate specific users with application analytics by searching for transactions with a specific username that have poor performance.
  • Investigate and remediate slow business transactions using the 15 minute view.


Automatically restart application server instances when memory is approaching exhaustion.

Business intelligence

Gain insight into how many payments were processed per minute from Tier 1 customers during the last hour and how response time affects revenue.


If JVM Memory consumption has deviated past an automated baseline on a cluster supporting the payment-processing tier, AppDynamics can notify the relevant team about the resource behavioral change. 

Respond / Triage

Create a PagerDuty incident or a ticket on ServiceNow and assign to the proper operations or developer when the ‘send payment’ business transaction response time reaches 3 standard deviations above the baseline that was established over the last 30 days.

End user intelligence

How many end users from California logged into the latest version of the online banking app from an Android device in the last 4 hours?

"It was simple to deploy. It took minutes, literally. On our first proof-of-concept, we saw results within an hour. "

Heather Abbott
Senior Vice President of Corporate Solutions Technology, Nasdaq


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