PostgreSQL Performance Monitoring


The AppDynamics Database Monitoring product module for PostgeSQL is a comprehensive 24x7 deep-dive tool used to monitor version 8 and higher of PostgreSQL databases running on any platform.

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) designed for maximum customization, extensibility and standards-compliance. It provides built-in support for B-tree and hash indexes, as well as support for GiST and GIN, two inverted indexes. Postgres offers advanced support for built-in binary and synchronous replication. It also provides concurrency via an MVCC (Multiversion Concurrency Control) system that gives every transaction a snapshot of the database, so that changes are invisible to other transactions until they are executed. In addition, Postgres natively supports JSON, using a structured format known as JSONB, which enables users to commit documents to the database without having to restructure them. A number of companies and organizations have used Postgres to build applications, websites, and tools, including Genentech,, University of California, Berkeley, Cisco, and the U.S. State Department.

Deep visibility into PostgreSQL performance

Get to the root cause quickly and resolve costly performance problems with real-time visibility into transaction activity, cache hit rates, tuple access types, and other performance counters in any PostgeSQL server throughout your organization.

Historical PostgreSQL performance trends

Analyze and alert based on PostgreSQL performance trends over time, and use this information to proactively tune performance to improve resource efficiency and optimize the end-user experience.

Comprehensive performance reports

Visualize important information – like historical reporting of time series comparisons, and top SQL reports – to make data-driven decisions about your PostgeSQL servers.

View PostgeSQL instance objects

Gain a holistic view of your PostgeSQL objects with full visibility and correlation with SQL execution plans that display current PostgeSQL configuration parameters and properties and information related to database objects including configuration values.

SQL drilldown

Quickly troubleshoot issues with one-click SQL statement analysis that displays details of the SQL statement and SQL execution plan.


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