Transform 2021:
Keynote & Breakout Sessions

Transformation starts here with deep-dive technical breakouts for transforming how you tackle problems in 2021.

Transform 2021 Keynote

Hear from Cisco and AppDynamics leaders Chuck Robbins, Jeetu Patel, Linda Tong, Ty Amell, Angie Mistretta and many more.

Expert Panel: Business Observability & the Future of APM

Connect with industry experts and leaders while they share their perspective on priorities for IT teams in 2021, the future of performance monitoring and the power of business observability.

Breakout Sessions

Walk away with new ideas to drive innovation and immediate positive change within your business.

Learn the Foundations of AppDynamics (AppD 101)

Speaker: Eugene Kim
AppDynamics was built to understand the connections between your business outcomes, the customer experiences, and your application health. Learn how to simplify your operations with auto-discovered Business Transactions. Tag and trace every component of your application, so you can take action and solve issues faster.

Secure Your Apps & the Business

Speakers: Jina Na, Aouss Sbai
Digital businesses are under pressure to innovate with speed while mitigating an unprecedented rise in malicious security threats. See how you can maintain speed while protecting both your business and your customers with application-first security powered by AppDynamics and Cisco Secure Application.

Prioritize IT with a Business Lens

Speaker: Joe Byrne
With clear, real-time insights into business performance, you can prioritize workload based on impact to the business metrics that matter to you. Attend this session to learn how to focus on what matters most to the business when addressing IT problems or prioritizing new features and functionality.

Gain Deeper Internet Visibility

Speakers: Wei Li, Brandy Smith
Learn how AppDynamics and ThousandEyes together can provide the most comprehensive visibility across your apps, networks, and external dependencies, breaking down silos to offer exceptional user experiences.

Align Teams on Business Outcomes

Speaker: James Harvey, Nik Papageorgiou
Today, applications are the lifeline of every digital business and it’s no longer sufficient to view technology and business data in silos. In order to ensure digital business success, organizations must connect the dots up and down the stack — from the business metrics, to the users’ experience, all the way down into the lowest level infrastructure. Learn how to gain user and business awareness to optimize app and business performance and align team on business outcomes.

Learn Advanced Topics in AppDynamics (AppD 201)

Speaker: Gregg Ostrowski
Dive deeper into advanced features that provide insights into your application performance. Discover the Kubernetes Cluster Agent, advanced Business IQ dashboards, and how to alert and respond as you gain visibility into your business-critical applications.

Observe Hybrid & Cloud Native Apps

Speakers: Shreyans Parekh, Konr Ness
As the business experiments with ways to modernize digital experiences through cloud-native services, IT needs a proactive approach to monitoring. See how our Cloud Native Visualization can help you get ahead of bottlenecks by troubleshooting cloud deployments — no matter their architecture — in one platform.

Observe Your SAP Digital Core

Speakers: Brendan Cooper, Vani Thiruvengadam
SAP is the digital core for enterprises, facilitating a seamless, fully connected digital landscape that powers business operations. Learn how full-stack observability, provided by AppDynamics SAP Monitoring, can help keep your SAP landscape performing flawlessly while providing the insight needed for operational excellence.

Drive Efficiencies with AI/ML

Speakers: Erwan Paccard, Peter Holditch
Technologists face mounting pressure to deliver easier and more engaging digital experiences for users. But with this pace of innovation and increased IT complexity, businesses can no longer rely effectively on humans to manage the chaos. Discover AppDynamics Cognition Engine, the AI core of the AppDynamics platform using machine learning to automate anomaly detection and root cause analysis.

Introduction to AppDynamics Partner Integrations

Speaker: Renato Quédas
AppDynamics collaborates with more than 20 different vendors as part of the Integration Partner Program. See how the potential of your AppDynamics investment can be extended in areas such as feature flag changes (LaunchDarkly), data-ready RCA environments (Delphix), change impact analysis (Evolven), and session replay (Quantum Metric).

Greater complexity demands a sharper business focus

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