24x7 Mobile Monitoring

Mobile APM for iOS and Android

Mobile apps account for 15% of all Internet traffic, as well as 1.5 billion global users. Done right, a simple mobile app can reach 50 million users in days. Good application performance will get a high rating and strong sales in the app store, poor application performance will impact the rating, resulting in a business loss of tens of thousands of dollars for every second of delayed response or app failure.

Most APM products look only at application code, leaving businesses in the dark about device, network, database or server issues. With AppDynamics Mobile APM you get 24x7 mobile monitoring and complete visibility across all of your mobile applications:

  • End User Experience Monitoring – Get complete visibility into the end user experience of your iOS and Android users globally in real-time.
  • Crash Reporting – Proactively detect and respond to application crashes, hangs, and failed network requests. Understand the root cause of application crashes and hangs in seconds.
  • Network Request Snapshots with Server-Side Correlation – Get end-to-end visibility from the mobile device to multiple tiers on the server-side.
  • Device & User Analytics – Audience insights, with analytics on device, carriers, OS and application versions. AppDynamics Mobile APM gives you the means to keep close tabs on your mobile performance so you can protect your customers' experience.
  • Custom Metrics – World-class business metrics that provide a level of application intelligence never before available for native mobile apps. Leverage dynamic base-lining for anomaly detection.

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